Quran Gate‌, Shiraz

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Fars Province, Shiraz, District 3, Shiraz - Marvdasht Highway, Quran Gate‌, Iran
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Introduction to Quran Gate in Shiraz

Quran Gate, an iconic historical structure located in Shiraz, Iran, stands as a testament to the city’s rich cultural and architectural heritage. This ancient gate, originally constructed during the reign of the Buyid dynasty in the 10th century, has been an enduring symbol of Shiraz’s historical significance. The gate’s primary purpose was to bless travelers leaving the city by passing beneath the two hand-carved copies of the Quran, which were housed in a specially designed room at the top of the gateway. This practice reflected the deep spiritual and religious values embedded in the Iranian culture.

Over the centuries, Quran Gate has undergone several reconstructions, the most significant of which was during the Zand dynasty in the 18th century. The gate today, with its intricately designed arches and detailed Islamic calligraphy, offers a glimpse into the artistic mastery of the period. It is not just an architectural marvel but also a cultural beacon, attracting scholars, historians, and tourists alike. Its location at the northeastern entrance of Shiraz makes it a gateway to exploring the city’s historical journey. As a must-see attraction, it offers visitors an opportunity to step back in time and experience the historical and spiritual ambiance that is uniquely Shiraz.

Half-Day Trip Plan to Quran Gate in Shiraz


  1. Start at Downtown Shiraz – Begin your half-day tour in the heart of Shiraz. Enjoy a traditional Iranian breakfast at one of the local cafes.
  2. Taxi Ride to Quran Gate – Take a taxi from downtown to Quran Gate. The journey offers a scenic view of the city transitioning from its bustling center to its historical outskirts.

At Quran Gate: 3. Explore Quran Gate – Spend time admiring the architectural details and the historical significance of the gate. Don’t forget to capture some memorable photos.

  1. Visit the Upper Room – If accessible, visit the room where the Qurans were originally kept to feel the historical essence of the gate.
  2. Leisure Walk – Take a leisurely walk in the surrounding areas, enjoying the view of the city from this vantage point.

Return to Downtown: 6. Lunch in Shiraz – Return to downtown for lunch, choosing from a variety of local restaurants offering traditional Persian cuisine.

Entrance Fee and Taxi Cost

  • Entrance Fee: As of my last update, visiting Quran Gate is free of charge. There might be a small fee for accessing certain parts of the gate or for guided tours, but generally, the site is open to the public without an entrance fee.
  • Taxi Fare: The taxi fare from downtown Shiraz to Quran Gate is relatively inexpensive, typically ranging between 50,000 to 100,000 Iranian Rials, depending on the exact starting point and traffic conditions.

Notable Books about Quran Gate in Other Languages

  1. “The Architectural Heritage of Persia” by James Fergusson – This book, written in English, provides an in-depth look at Persian architecture, including a section on the Quran Gate.
  2. “Iran: Empire of the Mind” by Michael Axworthy – Available in English, this book offers a comprehensive history of Iran, with references to significant historical structures like the Quran Gate.
  3. “Persian Art and Architecture” by Sheila R. Canby – This English-written book explores Persian art, including architectural wonders such as the Quran Gate.

Nearby Places to Visit

  1. Eram Garden – Located just a few kilometers from Quran Gate, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous for its beautiful gardens and historic buildings.
  2. Vakil Bazaar – A short drive from the Quran Gate, this traditional bazaar offers a glimpse into the local culture and is perfect for souvenir shopping.
  3. Tomb of Hafez – Situated within a few kilometers of the Quran Gate, this mausoleum is dedicated to the celebrated Persian poet Hafez and is surrounded by a serene garden.

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Fars Province, Shiraz, District 3, Shiraz - Marvdasht Highway, Quran Gate‌, Iran


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