Shahr Yeri Historical Site, Ardabil

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Shahar Yeri, Pirazmiyan, Ardabil Province, Iran
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Shahr Yeri Historical Site, located near the city of Ardabil in Iran, is an intriguing archaeological site often referred to as the “City of the Mouthless”. Dating back over 4000 years, this site offers a unique glimpse into ancient civilizations of the region. Characterized by its mysterious stone figures, many of which lack mouths, and the remnants of various structures, Shahr Yeri provides a fascinating excursion for history enthusiasts and casual tourists alike. Its significance lies in the insights it provides into the prehistoric period of the region, making it a worthwhile visit while exploring Ardabil.

Visit Plan to Shahr Yeri Historical Site:

  1. Getting There from Downtown Ardabil:
    • By Bus: Regular buses run from Ardabil to the nearby town of Meshgin Shahr. From there, you can hire a taxi to reach Shahr Yeri.
    • By Taxi: Alternatively, you can hire a direct taxi from Ardabil to Shahr Yeri. This is a more convenient, albeit more expensive, option.
  2. Traveling from Tehran:
    • By Car: The drive from Tehran to Ardabil takes about 6 hours, covering a distance of approximately 600 kilometers via Freeway 2.
    • By Airplane: Regular flights operate from Tehran to Ardabil. Upon arrival at Ardabil’s airport, you can rent a car or take a taxi to Shahr Yeri.
    • By Train: There are also train services available from Tehran to Ardabil. From Ardabil’s train station, take a taxi or bus to reach your destination.
  3. Entrance Fee: The expected entrance fee for Shahr Yeri is relatively nominal, but it’s advisable to check the latest fee and opening hours before your visit, as these can change.
  4. Other Notable Places to Visit in Ardabil:
    • Sheikh Safi al-Din Khanegah and Shrine Ensemble: A UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s a beautiful example of Islamic architecture.
    • Sarein: Known for its hot springs, Sarein is a short drive from Ardabil and offers a relaxing experience.
    • Sabalan Mountain: Ideal for trekking and enjoying natural landscapes. The mountain also has hot springs and a beautiful lake at its summit.
    • Ardabil Bazaar: Explore this traditional bazaar for local crafts, spices, and the famous Ardabil carpets.
    • Shorabil Lake: Located in Ardabil, this lake offers a scenic spot for relaxation and leisure activities.

This plan combines the rich historical exploration of Shahr Yeri with the cultural and natural beauty of Ardabil and its surroundings, ensuring a well-rounded and memorable experience

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Shahar Yeri, Pirazmiyan, Ardabil Province, Iran


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