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Tehran Province, Tehran, District 7, شرقی، Persian Plaza Hotel, Iran
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About this hotel

The Persian Plaza Hotel is a 5-star project in the administrative and commercial heart of the Middle East, Abbasabad region of Tehran, located in an area of 13,000 square meters of infrastructure. The hotel has access to major highways and streets of Tehran, including Africa and Modares highways.

The Persian Plaza Hotel is one of the most modern, and luxurious hotels in Tehran, focused on catering to business travelers and those seeking high-end accommodations and easy access to various parts of the city.

Address and Contact:

  • Address: Persia Azadi Hotel (Persian Plaza), 13,000 meters, End of Africa Blvd (Nelson Mandela Blvd.), Abbas Abad Area, Tehran, Iran. (See on Google Maps:)
  • Phone Numbers: +98 21 8602 7813
  • Website:


  • Room Types: A variety of luxurious rooms, suites, and serviced apartments focusing on comfort and contemporary style.
  • Restaurants: Several restaurants offering Persian and international cuisines, including a top-tier revolving restaurant.
  • Coffee Shop and Bar: Serves refreshments and light meals.
  • Indoor Pool & Spa: Offers wellness and relaxation facilities.
  • Gym and Fitness Facilities
  • Large Parking Area
  • Shopping Arcade
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24-Hour Reception and Concierge

Getting There:

  • From Imam Khomeini International Airport: Taking a taxi is the most convenient option (approximately a 50-minute to 1-hour drive depending on traffic). The metro is less direct due to distance from stations.
  • From Main City Bus Terminal: The best route depends on the specific terminal. Taxis are generally recommended, especially if you have luggage.
  • Nearby Landmarks: The hotel is situated in a busy commercial area with access to major highways.

Nearby Restaurants and Cafes:

  • The hotel has high-end restaurants and a cafe.
  • Nearby options might be limited due to the more commercial nature of the immediate surroundings.

Tourist Sites

While not in the immediate center of tourist attractions, the Persian Plaza Hotel’s location offers decent access to:

  • Tabiat Bridge: A modern pedestrian bridge with scenic views (about a 15-minute drive).
  • Milad Tower: Tehran’s iconic tower with panoramic city views (about a 20-minute drive).
  • Sa’dabad Palace Complex: Historical palace complex (about a 25-minute drive).

Other Accommodation Options

If you’re open to exploring other high-end hotels in Tehran:

  • Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel: A luxury hotel located further north in Tehran.
  • Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran: Another luxurious option located further north.
  • Parsian Evin Hotel: Offers a tranquil environment in northern Tehran
  • Homa Hotel Tehran: A 5-star hotel located near Vanak Square.

Important Note: Always check the Persian Plaza Hotel’s website or contact us directly for the most up-to-date information on room availability, prices, and their amenities.

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Hotel Facilities

Air Conditioning
Airport Transport
Flat Tv
Internet – Wifi
Washer & Dryer


Check In 12:00 pm
Check Out 12:00 pm



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