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Qeshm island

Qeshm Island, Iran’s largest island in the Persian Gulf, is a mesmerizing destination boasting natural wonders like the Hara Forests and Stars Valley, along with a rich cultural heritage. Visitors can explore unique geological formations, experience local traditions, and savor delicious seafood cuisine on this hidden gem of an island.

A unique Island in Persian gulf

Qeshm Island, located in the Persian Gulf, is the largest island in Iran and an enchanting destination that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and ecological diversity. Often referred to as the “Island of Seven Wonders,” Qeshm is a place where history, geology, and vibrant traditions come together to create an unforgettable travel experience.

How to get to Qeshm by Air, Bus , car or train.

Conquering Qeshm: Your Guide to Reaching Iran’s Island Paradise

Qeshm, a jewel in the Persian Gulf, beckons adventure seekers with its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich history. Getting there from the bustling capital, Tehran, offers a range of options to suit your budget and travel preferences. Here’s a breakdown to help you choose the best mode of transportation:

By Airplane:

  • Fastest Option: Soar through the skies in under an hour! Take a domestic flight from Tehran Mehrabad Airport (THR) or Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) to Qeshm Island Airport (QZV). Both Iran Air and Mahan Air offer frequent flights between the two cities.
  • Price: Expect to pay between $60 and $200 USD for a one-way ticket, depending on the airline, date, and time of booking.
  • Getting to Qeshm City: Upon arrival at Qeshm Airport, taxis readily await to whisk you to the city center, costing around $10 USD.

By Bus:

  • Budget-Friendly Choice: Embark on a scenic journey through the Iranian countryside! Several bus companies operate comfortable coach services from Tehran’s Azadi Terminal to Qeshm’s main bus terminal. Seiro Safar is a popular option offering modern and reliable buses.
  • Travel Time: The journey takes around 22-28 hours, offering a chance to witness the changing landscapes and observe local life.
  • Price: Bus tickets are significantly cheaper than flights, costing around $20-30 USD for the ride.

By Train:

  • Unique Experience: Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the rails! Trains from Tehran’s Shahid Beheshti Train Station to Qeshm Station provide a nostalgic travel experience, winding through picturesque villages and farmland.
  • Travel Time: Train journeys take approximately 36-42 hours, offering ample time to relax and enjoy the scenery.
  • Price: Train tickets are the most affordable option, costing around $10-15 USD for a one-way trip.

Bonus Tip: Consider combined options! If you’re short on time but want a scenic experience, take a flight to Qeshm and return by bus or train, enjoying both convenience and breathtaking landscapes.

Remember: Whichever mode of transportation you choose, book your tickets in advance, especially during peak season or for flights. This ensures you secure your preferred option and avoid last-minute hassles.

May your journey to Qeshm be filled with smooth travels, captivating sights, and enriching experiences!

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How to get around in Qeshm

Navigating Qeshm: Unveiling Your Public Transportation Options

Qeshm, a pearl amidst the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf, promises an enthralling adventure. Getting around this island paradise can be as exciting as exploring its hidden gems. So, buckle up, traveler, as we delve into the world of Qeshm’s public transportation!


  • Convenience: Taxis are readily available throughout Qeshm, offering direct and comfortable rides to your destination. Hail one on the street or find them parked at designated taxi stands, especially near tourist spots.
  • Fares: Negotiate the fare before your journey, as meters are not always used. Expect to pay around 50,000 rials for short trips within the city and higher for longer distances.
  • Types: Yellow taxis are standard cabs, while pink taxis are dedicated to female passengers.


  • Budget-Friendly: Buses offer a cost-effective way to explore Qeshm’s main towns and villages. They cover multiple routes, with frequent departures from Qeshm city’s main bus terminal.
  • Fares: Tickets are significantly cheaper than taxis, costing around 5,000-10,000 rials per ride.
  • Network: Public buses might not reach all tourist attractions, so be prepared to combine them with other options. Ask locals or visit the bus terminal for route information.

Minibuses (Dolmuş):

  • Local Experience: Immerse yourself in the local scene with dolmuşes! These shared vans follow fixed routes but pick up and drop off passengers along the way.
  • Fares: Similar to buses, fares are minimal, starting from 5,000 rials. Pay directly to the driver upon boarding.
  • Language Barrier: Drivers might not speak English, so knowing basic Farsi phrases like “Khoda Hafez” (Goodbye) and “Man piyade misham” (I’m getting off) can be helpful.

Car Rentals:

  • Independence: For exploring beyond the city center or venturing further into hidden corners, car rentals offer greater flexibility and freedom.
  • License and Insurance: Ensure you have a valid international driving license and purchase comprehensive car insurance for peace of mind.
  • Traffic: Be aware of local traffic regulations and drive defensively, especially during peak hours.

Bonus Tip: Consider purchasing a Qeshm City Card for unlimited travel on buses and minibuses within the city for a designated period. This can be a cost-effective option for frequent travelers.

Remember: Download offline maps and translation apps like Google Translate to navigate smoothly, especially while using dolmuşes. Be courteous to fellow passengers and don’t hesitate to ask locals for directions or assistance.

May your journey through Qeshm be filled with convenient explorations, budget-friendly adventures, and unforgettable memories

What to eat and where to find good food in Qeshm.

Qeshm: A Culinary Adventure Awaits! Unveiling Local Delights and Eateries

Qeshm, a captivating island bathed in the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf, isn’t just a visual feast, but a culinary one too! Local Qeshmi cuisine tantalizes your taste buds with unique flavors and fresh ingredients, each bite a journey into the island’s rich heritage. Here’s a glimpse into some popular local delicacies and where to savor them:

Must-Try Dishes:

  • Hamoor: This succulent fish, often grilled or cooked in a flavorful tomato and onion sauce, is a Qeshmi specialty. Don’t miss it!
  • Dopiaza: Shrimp cooked with layers of caramelized onions and spices, emitting a sweet and savory aroma sure to entice your senses.
  • Zereshk Polo: A vibrant rice dish studded with barberries and saffron, offering a delightful blend of tart and floral notes.
  • Hawari Cheko Meyg: Dried baby shrimp simmered in a fragrant broth with lentils and rice, a hearty and comforting local favorite.
  • Taboon Bread: Freshly baked flatbread cooked in a traditional clay oven, perfect for dipping in stews or savoring with local cheeses.

Popular Restaurants:

  • Sima Restaurant: Nestled near the Qeshm harbor, Sima offers a taste of Qeshmi home cooking. Their Hamoor and Hawari Cheko Meyg are legendary! Address: Shahid Bahonar St., Harbour District, Qeshm Island

  • Shark Podini Restaurant: Craving seafood? Shark Podini serves up fresh catches cooked to perfection, including their signature grilled shark kebabs. Address: Valie Asr Blvd., Shahid Bahonar Sq., Qeshm Island

  • Narenji Shahr: Experience Qeshmi street food at its finest! Narenji Shahr offers delicious Dizi, a slow-cooked lamb stew served with bread and spices. Address: Shahid Mofatteh St., No. 25, Qeshm Island

  • Khaneh Nan-e Sangaki: Immerse yourself in Qeshmi tradition at Khaneh Nan-e Sangaki. Watch fresh Taboon bread being baked in their clay oven and enjoy it with local dips and cheeses. Address: Shahid Moayed Blvd., 4th Alley, No. 34, Qeshm Island

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to venture beyond tourist hotspots and sample food at local stalls or markets. You might discover hidden culinary gems!

Remember: Qeshmi cuisine is a celebration of fresh seafood, aromatic spices, and traditional cooking methods. Be adventurous, try something new, and let your taste buds embark on a journey through this vibrant island’s culinary treasures.

May your Qeshm experience be filled with delicious discoveries, cultural connections, and unforgettable flavors

Safe travel in Qeshm

Ensuring Safe Adventures in Qeshm: A Guide to Secure Exploration

Qeshm, an island paradise bathed in turquoise waters and rich culture, awaits your adventurous spirit. While generally safe, basic precautions can ensure a smooth and worry-free experience. Here’s a guide to staying safe in Qeshm:

General Safety:

  • Register with your embassy: Inform your embassy or consulate about your travel plans and itinerary. This enables them to assist you in case of emergencies.
  • Be aware of surroundings: Remain vigilant in crowded areas, especially near tourist attractions or religious sites. Petty theft can occur, although it’s not widespread.
  • Respect local customs: Dress modestly, even during hot weather. Avoid public displays of affection. Women should cover their shoulders and knees.
  • Learn basic Farsi: Knowing a few key phrases can be helpful in communicating and navigating. Consider downloading translation apps like Google Translate for offline use.
  • Purchase travel insurance: Get a comprehensive travel insurance plan that covers medical emergencies,trip cancellations, and lost luggage.

Travel and Arrival:

  • Use authorized transportation: Stick to licensed taxis, buses, or car rentals when traveling to Qeshm. Avoid getting into unmarked vehicles.
  • Store valuables securely: Keep your passport, money, and important documents in a secure place like a money belt or hotel safe.
  • Download offline maps: Download Google Maps or other navigational apps with offline functionality, as internet connectivity might be limited in some areas.

Safety in Qeshm:

  • Local Police:

    • Qeshm Island Police Headquarters: Shahid Rajaei Blvd., No. 36, Qeshm Island (+98 76 3233 1110)
    • Harbor Police Station: Shahid Bahonar St., Dolab Square, Qeshm Island (+98 76 3244 1110)
  • Be mindful of surroundings: Remain cautious after dark, especially in less frequented areas.

  • Respect cultural norms: Avoid photographing people, especially women, without their permission. Be mindful of religious sensitivities.

  • Stay hydrated: Qeshm can be hot and dry, especially during summer. Carry water and wear sunscreen for sun protection.

  • Follow local guidance: Be aware of potential flash floods and dust storms, especially during certain seasons. Follow local advisories and official recommendations.

Bonus Tip: Consider joining a guided tour from a reputable company. Guides can provide valuable insights into local customs and safety tips, enhancing your experience while offering an added layer of security.

Remember: Qeshmi people are known for their warm hospitality. By following these simple precautions and respecting local customs, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable journey through this captivating island. Embrace the vibrant culture, marvel at the breathtaking landscapes, and create lasting memories with peace of mind.

May your Qeshm adventures be filled with discovery, cultural understanding, and lasting joy

Important numbers in Qeshm

Your Qeshm Essential Contact Numbers Toolkit: Navigate with Ease and Peace of Mind

Planning a trip to Qeshm promises captivating beaches, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes. But to ensure a smooth and worry-free adventure, having access to essential contact numbers is key. Here’s your handy guide:


  • National Emergency Number: Dial 110 (available throughout Iran)
  • Qeshm Island Police Headquarters: +98 76 3233 1110 (Shahid Rajaei Blvd., No. 36)
  • Harbor Police Station: +98 76 3244 1110 (Shahid Bahonar St., Dolab Square)
  • Fire Department: Dial 125
  • Ambulance: Dial 115

General Assistance:

  • Qeshm Tourist Information Center: +98 76 3222 2424 ( Shahid Bahonar Sq.)
  • Qeshm Bus Station: +98 76 3223 6262 (Shahid Beheshti Blvd.)
  • Qeshm Airport (GSM): +98 76 3240 7000 (Shahid Bahonar Blvd.)
  • Iran Air Qeshm Office: +98 76 3243 3444 (Valie Asr Sq.)
  • Mahan Air Qeshm Office: +98 76 3244 8080 (Shahid Bahonar Sq.)


  • Qeshm General Hospital: +98 76 3241 1110 (Valie Asr Blvd.)

  • Dr. Hashemi Clinic (English speaking): +98 76 3222 5252 (Shahid Bahonar Sq.)

Translation Services:

  • Qeshm University Translation Department: +98 76 3233 5151 (Shahid Rahimi Blvd.)
  • Parsine Translation Agency: +98 76 3242 6666 (Shahid Beheshti Blvd.)


  • Radio Taxi: Call +98 76 3222 8888 or download the Snapp app for convenient taxi bookings.

Bonus Tip:

  • Save these numbers on your phone or write them down in a readily accessible place.
  • Download offline maps and translation apps like Google Translate for backup.
  • Learn some basic Farsi phrases to enhance your communication and experience.

Remember: By being prepared and having access to essential contact numbers, you can ensure a smooth and worry-free journey through Qeshm. Embrace the island’s beauty, explore its hidden gems, and create lasting memories with peace of mind.

May your Qeshm adventure be filled with discovery, wonder, and unforgettable experiences

Money, Banks and Exchange in Qeshm

Navigating Currency Exchange in Qeshm: Your Guide to Secure Transactions

Qeshm, an island paradise fringed by turquoise waters, beckons tourists with its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes. But to truly immerse yourself in its essence, understanding currency exchange is key. Worry not, traveler! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to exchange your cash smoothly and confidently in Qeshm.

Main Banks and Money Exchange Places in Qeshm:

  • Banks: Several major banks operate in Qeshm, offering currency exchange services:
    • Melat Bank: Shahid Moallem Blvd. Branch (+98 76 3244 6666)
    • Mellat Bank: Shahid Bahonar Sq. Branch (+98 76 3222 6868)
    • Parsian Bank: Shahid Beheshti Blvd. Branch (+98 76 3222 8484)
    • Bank Sepah: Shahid Bahonar Sq. Branch (+98 76 3222 3838)
    • Saderat Bank: Shahid Rahimi Blvd. Branch (+98 76 3222 4040)
  • Money Exchange Bureaus: Numerous licensed bureaus offer competitive exchange rates:
    • Sarrafi Golzar: No. 48, Vali Asr St. (+98 76 3222 4242)
    • Sarrafi Parvin: No. 39, Vali Asr St. (+98 76 3222 3737)
    • Sarrafi Shams: No. 32, Vali Asr St. (+98 76 3222 2323)

What to Know When Exchanging Money in Iran:

  • Official Currency: The Iranian Rial (IRR) is the official currency.
  • Rate Fluctuations: Rates can vary throughout the day, so compare before exchanging.
  • Documents Needed: Carry your passport and a valid visa for any exchange transactions.
  • Receipts: Keep your receipts for any future transactions.
  • Cash is King: While ATMs might work with international cards, carrying Euros, US Dollars, or British Pounds is recommended for easier exchange.
  • Negotiation: Negotiation is common at bureaus, especially for larger amounts.
  • Consider Online Platforms: Explore options like Wise or WorldRemit for competitive rates and convenient transfers before your trip.

Bonus Tip: Download offline maps and translation apps like Google Translate to navigate smoothly in Qeshm.

Remember: By understanding the basics and having the right resources, exchanging money in Qeshm can be a seamless experience. Embrace the cultural richness of the island, explore its hidden gems, and create lasting memories without financial worries.

May your journey be filled with smooth transactions, cultural immersion, and unforgettable discoveries

Social Norms and Etiquette in Qeshm:

Navigating Qeshm’s Cultural Currents: Essential Do’s and Don’ts

Qeshm, a jewel in the Persian Gulf, welcomes you with its captivating landscape and vibrant culture. To truly embrace its essence, understanding local social norms and etiquette is key. Here’s your guide to navigating cultural currents with respect and ease:

Dress Code:

  • Modesty is key: Both men and women should dress modestly. Aim for clothing that covers shoulders and knees. For women, avoid revealing outfits like tank tops, shorts, or low-cut tops. Men should avoid sleeveless shirts and shorts.
  • Headscarves: While not mandatory for foreign women, carrying a headscarf for visiting religious sites shows respect and is appreciated.
  • Neat and clean: Opt for clean and neat clothing, avoiding overly casual or offensive attire.

Social Interactions:

  • Greetings: A warm “Salam” (Hello) with a slight nod is the customary greeting. In formal settings,handshakes are common. When addressing elders, use “Agha” (Mister) or “Khanom” (Madam) before their name.
  • Body Language: Avoid public displays of affection. Maintain a comfortable distance during conversations,especially with the opposite sex. Pointing directly at someone is considered rude.
  • Photography: Always ask permission before taking photos of people, especially women. Respectful discretion is essential when visiting religious sites.


  • Learn basic Farsi: A few key phrases can go a long way! Here are 10 helpful sentences:
    • Salam (Hello)
    • Chetor hastid? (How are you?)
    • Mamnoon (Thank you)
    • Lotfan… (Please…)
    • Beheshid (Excuse me)
    • Nemifahmam (I don’t understand)
    • Kelidon bah Farsi ra behtar khondam? (Do you speak English?)
    • Khoda hafez (Goodbye)
    • Be omid-e didar (Hope to see you again)
    • Man mehman hastem (I am a guest)
  • Gestures: A friendly smile and nod are always appreciated. Use hand gestures sparingly, as some might hold different meanings than in your culture.
  • Patience: Don’t be surprised if conversations seem slower than usual. Take your time to understand and express yourself, and appreciate the effort to connect.

Bonus Tip: Observe locals and adapt your behavior accordingly. This shows respect for their culture and creates a more authentic experience.

Remember: Iranians are known for their warm hospitality. By practicing these simple guidelines and respecting local customs, you can ensure a respectful and enriching journey through Qeshm. Embrace the cultural nuances, engage with locals, and create lasting memories in this captivating island paradise.

May your exploration be filled with cultural understanding, meaningful connections, and unforgettable experiences

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Why to visit Qeshm Island?

Natural Wonders:

  1. Hara Forests: Qeshm is home to the mesmerizing Hara Forests, the only mangrove forests in the Persian Gulf. These dense, salt-tolerant trees provide vital habitats for various marine species and offer a serene setting for visitors to explore via boat tours.
  2. Stars Valley (Dareh Anjir): Stars Valley is a geological wonder with otherworldly rock formations and canyons carved by wind and water over millennia. It’s an ideal spot for hiking and photography, especially during the magical twilight hours.
  3. Chahkooh Canyon: Another geological marvel, Chahkooh Canyon, boasts towering, rust-colored walls and hidden caves. Visitors can hike along its trails and discover the secrets of its unique rock formations.

Cultural Heritage:

  1. Portuguese Castle: The Portuguese Castle, dating back to the 16th century, stands as a testament to the island’s historical significance. It offers panoramic views of the surrounding area and provides insight into the island’s maritime history.
  2. Qeshm Geopark Museum: This educational museum offers a deeper understanding of the island’s geological features and environmental conservation efforts. It’s a valuable stop for those interested in the island’s natural heritage.

Local Traditions:

  1. Lenj Fishing Boats: Lenj boats, a traditional wooden fishing vessel, are an integral part of Qeshm’s maritime heritage. Witnessing the skilled Lenj fishermen in action is a unique cultural experience.
  2. Qeshm Traditional Music: The island’s vibrant music and dance traditions, such as Bandari music and the Leng dance, offer a glimpse into the lively local culture.

Cuisine: Qeshm’s cuisine is a delectable fusion of Persian and seafood flavors. Don’t miss trying local dishes like “Ghalyeh Mahi” (fish stew) and “Ghormeh Sabzi” (herb stew). Fresh seafood, including shrimp and fish, is a culinary highlight of the island.

Accessibility: Qeshm Island is accessible via flights from major Iranian cities to Qeshm International Airport. Additionally, you can reach the island by ferry from Bandar Abbas on the mainland.

As you explore Qeshm Island, you’ll be captivated by its natural wonders, immersed in its rich cultural tapestry, and enchanted by its warm and welcoming locals. This hidden gem in the Persian Gulf offers a truly unique travel experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Hengam Island, Qeshm

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The City Maps

A few places to stay.

Asmari Hotel Qeshm, Qeshm Island

Asmari Hotel، Qeshm, Hormozgan Province, Iran

Fulton Hotel, Qeshm Island

Fulton Boutique Hotel, Qeshm, Hormozgan Province, Iran

Nakhoda Amini Hostel & Restaurant / Qeshm Island

Nakhoda Amini Hostel & Restaurant, Tabl, Hormozgan Province, Iran

Assad’s homestay, Qeshm Island

Assad's homestay, Sar Rig, Hormozgan Province, Iran

A few places worth a visit.

outdoors activities

paragliding and kite surfing on qeshm island

Qeshm Island, the largest island in the Persian Gulf, is a haven for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Its diverse landscapes, ranging from rugged mountains to pristine beaches, offer ample opportunities for thrilling activities. Among the most exhilarating pursuits are paragliding and kitesurfing, both of which provide breathtaking views and an unforgettable adrenaline rush.

Paragliding and Kite Surfing on Qeshm Island, Qeshm

Natural sites

The Namakdan Salt Cave

The Namakdan Salt Cave, also known as the Namak Cave, is an astonishing natural wonder located on Qeshm Island, Iran. It is considered the longest salt cave in the world, stretching for an impressive 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) with a height of 237 meters (778 feet). This awe-inspiring cave, formed over millions of years by the erosion of a salt dome, is a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike…
Namakdan Salt Cave, Qeshm

Natural sites

Valley of Stars

Valley of Stars – a geological marvel dubbed “Iran’s Grand Canyon” and often likened to a scene from another planet. This breathtaking wonder, also known as Adeoba Valley, promises an unforgettable adventure, steeped in natural beauty and local legends.

 Millennia of wind and water erosion have sculpted the valley floor into a labyrinth of otherworldly rock formations, resembling towering pillars, mushroom-shaped structures, and fantastical creatures. Each formation casts eerie shadows, adding to the valley’s mystical aura…

Valley of Stars, Qeshm

Natural sites

Chahkooh canyon

Chahkooh’s story began millions of years ago, shaped by the relentless forces of water and wind. Rainstorms carved the initial valley, while subsequent erosion by flowing water sculpted the dramatic cliffs and narrow pathways that define the canyon today. The result is a mesmerizing labyrinth of vertical walls, rounded edges, and sharp corners, creating a visual symphony of nature’s handiwork…
Chahkooh Canyon, Qeshm

Natural sites

Mangrove forests on qeshm island

Exploring the Qeshm mangroves is an adventure unlike any other. Glide through the narrow channels aboard a traditional wooden boat, the gentle lapping of water against the hull serenading your journey. Keep your eyes peeled for playful dolphins leaping alongside your vessel, and marvel at the vibrant tapestry of birdlife flitting through the canopy. Herons, egrets, and flamingos paint the sky with their colors, while crabs scuttle along the mudflats, adding to the symphony of life….

Mangrove Forests of Qeshm, Qeshm

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