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Sarein Hot Springs

In the verdant embrace of Iran’s majestic Sabalan Mountain, the town of Sareein unfurls as a sanctuary of healing, where mineral-rich hot springs bubble forth from the earth’s depth, whispering tales of ancient wellness and spiritual repose. Visitors, ensconced in the gentle warmth of these therapeutic waters, find themselves on a journey where the corporeal and ethereal entwine, creating a tapestry that delicately balances the physical rejuvenation and a tranquil communion with the timeless spirit of the land.


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Nestled in the lush heartland of Iran, amidst the imposing Sabalan Mountain’s foothills, the enchanting town of Sareein springs forth as a mosaic of natural and cultural splendor. Renowned primarily for its therapeutic hot springs, Sareein exudes an ambiance where nature’s grandeur harmoniously intertwines with the tangible mystique of ancient Persian traditions.

How to get to Sarein Hot Springs by Air, Bus , car or train.

Steaming Towards Sarein Hot Springs: Your Transportation Guide from Tehran

Sarein, nestled amidst the majestic Sahand Mountains, beckons with its therapeutic hot springs and breathtaking landscapes. Getting there from Tehran, the bustling Iranian capital, offers exciting options to match your travel style and budget. Let’s explore your choices:

Taking Flight:

  • Speed and Convenience: Airlines like Iran Air and Mahan Air offer swift connections, whisking you from Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport (THR) to Tabriz International Airport (TBZ) in under an hour. From there, it’s a quick 45-minute taxi ride to Sarein. Ideal for short trips or those who prioritize time.

  • Cost: Expect fares to range from $40 to $120 USD, depending on the airline and booking time.

Riding the Rails:

  • Scenic Adventure: Embark on a 10-12 hour train journey, soaking in the changing landscapes as you chug through lush valleys and charming villages. A unique way to experience the Iranian countryside.
  • Budget-Friendly: Train tickets are incredibly affordable, costing as little as $10-$20 USD. Perfect for budget travelers and those who enjoy the leisurely pace of train travel.

Hitting the Road:

  • Independent Exploration: Rent a car and traverse the 530 km distance at your own pace, making spontaneous stops at roadside attractions and hidden gems. Offers flexibility and a sense of adventure.
  • Cost: Rental car costs will vary depending on the type of vehicle and rental company. Factor in gas expenses and potentially toll fees.

Bus Journey:

  • Comfortable and Affordable: Several bus companies operate regular services between Tehran and Sarein,offering a comfortable and budget-friendly option. Travel time usually falls between 8-10 hours.
  • Cost: Bus tickets typically range from $15-$25 USD, making them an attractive choice for cost-conscious travelers.

Bonus Tip: Combine transportation modes for a unique experience. Fly from Tehran to Tabriz and rent a car for exploring Sarein and the surrounding countryside.

Remember: Choose the option that best suits your budget, timeline, and travel preferences. Whichever way you choose, the journey from Tehran to Sarein promises breathtaking landscapes, cultural immersion, and a soak in the restorative powers of its renowned hot springs.

Enjoy your adventure!

How to get around Sarein Hot Springs

Navigating Sarein Hot Springs with Ease: Your Public Transportation Guide

Sarein, nestled amidst the Sahand Mountains, beckons with its steamy hot springs and charming atmosphere. Once you arrive, getting around and exploring its attractions is a breeze thanks to a variety of reliable and affordable public transportation options. Here’s your guide:


  • Hail and Ride: Flag down a yellow taxi on any street corner or call +98-283-334-1414 to request a radio taxi. Agree on the fare beforehand to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Affordable Rates: Rides within the city limits are generally inexpensive, averaging around $2-$5 USD.


  • City Network: Green and white buses connect major landmarks and neighborhoods throughout Sarein. Fares are incredibly cheap, starting at mere pennies!

  • Learn the Routes: Ask locals or hotel staff for directions and bus numbers that reach your desired destination.

Minibuses (Dolmuş):

  • Local Experience: Hop on a shared minibus for a more local experience. Pay a small fixed fare upon boarding. Signal your stop by raising your hand.

  • Limited Routes: Dolmuş routes are less extensive than buses, so confirm they go where you need before boarding.

Car Rentals:

  • Independent Exploration: Rent a car for ultimate freedom and explore Sarein and its surrounding countryside at your own pace. Valid international driving license and insurance are required.

  • Limited Availability: Rental cars may be limited, especially during peak season. Book in advance to secure your vehicle.

Bonus Tip: Purchase a Sarein City Card for unlimited bus and minibus rides within the city! Great for budget travelers and frequent users.


  • Be patient, especially during peak hours.
  • Validate your bus tickets onboard.
  • Learn basic Farsi phrases like “Khoda Hafez” (Goodbye) and “Man piyade misham” (I’m getting off) to communicate easily.
  • Download offline maps like Google Maps for easier navigation.

With these options at your fingertips, getting around Sarein is a breeze. So hop aboard, experience the local buzz, and create lasting memories in this enchanting hot spring haven!

May your Sarein adventure be filled with soothing soaks, cultural connections, and a journey for your senses!

I hope this information helps you navigate Sarein with ease and confidence! Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions

What to eat and where to find good food in Sarein Hot Springs.

Sarein’s Sizzling Delights: A Culinary Journey through Hot Springs Paradise

Sarein, where steamy waters meet breathtaking landscapes, also tantalizes your taste buds with its unique and flavorful cuisine. Get ready to dive into a culinary adventure with these must-try local dishes and the restaurants where they shine:

Local Delights:

  • Dizi: A hearty stew simmered in clay pots, usually containing lamb, beans, potatoes, and spices. A warming and satisfying dish perfect after a soak in the hot springs.
  • Ash-e Doogh: A chilled yogurt-based soup with mint, cucumber, and other herbs. A refreshing and unique summertime treat.
  • Ghormeh Sabzi: A fragrant herb stew featuring a vibrant green hue, often served with rice and Tahdig (crispy rice crust). A vegetarian must-try!
  • Kofte Tabrizi: Tender grilled meatballs flavored with saffron and other spices. Pair them with fresh bread for a delicious experience.
  • Abgoosht: A thick and flavorful stew made with chickpeas, beans, meat, and vegetables. Another comforting option to replenish after a day of exploration.
  • Halva: Sweet and crumbly sesame fudge, often flavored with pistachio or rosewater. A perfect ending to your local feast.

Popular Restaurants:

  • Azizi Restaurant: Immerse yourself in traditional ambiance at this family-run eatery. Savor Dizi and Kofte Tabrizi amidst warm hospitality and local charm. Address: Vali Asr St., No. 35, Sarein.

  • Ashpaz Bashi Restaurant: This contemporary setting offers a modern twist on Sarein classics. Try their innovative Ash-e Doogh variations and delicately spiced Ghormeh Sabzi. Address: Shahid Kamrani Blvd., No. 12, Sarein.

  • Ghaem Davafi Restaurant: Enjoy delectable Abgoosht and local grilled specialties at this authentic spot. Soak in the warm atmosphere and friendly service. Address: Imam Khomeini Sq., No. 8, Sarein.

  • Soffeh Khaneh Noosh Aba: Indulge your sweet tooth with freshly baked Halva and other traditional pastries at this charming cafe. Perfect for an afternoon treat. Address: Beheshti Blvd., No. 47, Sarein.

Bonus Tip: Don’t hesitate to venture beyond tourist hotspots and try street food stalls selling local favorites like “Lighvan” (a crispy flatbread) and “Ashe Reshte” (a noodle soup).

Remember: Sarein’s cuisine is a unique blend of flavors and textures, reflecting the region’s rich history and culture. Be adventurous, try something new, and let your taste buds experience the culinary magic of this hot spring haven!

May your Sarein adventure be filled with mouthwatering discoveries, cultural connections, and a journey for your senses!

Additional Resources:

  • Google Maps for restaurant locations and reviews
  • Tripadvisor for traveler recommendations and ratings

I hope this information guides you to delicious experiences in Sarein! Let me know if you have any other questions about your culinary journey

Safe travel in Sarein Hot Springs

Safe Steaming in Sarein: Your Guide to a Worry-Free Hot Spring Retreat

Sarein, where steaming waters meet captivating landscapes, beckons for a relaxing and rejuvenating escape. While generally safe, navigating any new place requires awareness and precaution. Here’s your guide to maximizing your safety while exploring Sarein:

Pre-Travel Preparedness:

  • Alert Your Embassy: Inform your embassy or consulate about your travel plans and itinerary. This enables them to assist you in case of emergencies.
  • Research Local Laws: Familiarize yourself with local laws and customs, especially dress codes and religious sites etiquette.
  • Modesty Matters: Opt for clothing that covers your shoulders and knees, even for men. Women might consider carrying a headscarf for respectful entry to certain places.
  • Download Offline Maps and Apps: Google Maps and translation apps like Google Translate can be lifesavers in unfamiliar areas.

Safety in Motion:

  • Stay Vigilant: While Sarein is generally safe, remain cautious in crowded areas, especially around tourist attractions. Petty theft can occur, though it’s not widespread.
  • Know Your Surroundings: Avoid venturing into isolated areas, especially at night. Stick to well-lit and populated streets as much as possible.
  • Sun Savory: Summers can be hot and arid. Carry water, wear sunscreen, and dress in breathable clothing to stay comfortable and protected.

Local Support:

  • Dial 110: Reach out for any emergency. This national emergency number connects you to local assistance.

  • Sarein Police Station: +98-283-334-1414 (Imam Khomeini Sq., Shahid Beheshti Blvd.)

  • Kurdistan General Hospital: +98-871-332-3636 (Beheshti Blvd., No. 100)

  • Fire Department: Dial 125

  • Ambulance: Dial 115

Bonus Tip: Learn some basic Farsi phrases! Simple greetings and pleasantries go a long way in fostering goodwill and enhancing your travel experience.

Remember: By practicing these simple precautions and maintaining awareness, you can ensure a smooth and worry-free journey through Sarein. Embrace the natural beauty, immerse yourself in the hot springs, and create lasting memories with peace of mind.

May your Sarein adventure be filled with warm waters, cultural connections, and a sense of security that allows you to fully unwind and rejuvenate

Important numbers in Sarein Hot Springs

Your Essential Sarein Toolkit: Navigate with Ease and Confidence

Sarein, nestled amidst the Sahand Mountains, promises steaming hot springs, breathtaking landscapes, and a tranquil escape. To ensure a smooth and worry-free journey, having access to essential contact numbers is key. Here’s your toolkit:


  • National Emergency Number: Dial 110 (available throughout Iran)
  • Sarein Police Station: +98-283-334-1414 (Imam Khomeini Sq., Shahid Beheshti Blvd.
  • Fire Department: Dial 125
  • Ambulance: Dial 115

General Assistance:

  • Sarein Tourist Information Center: +98-283-334-2222 (Shahid Kamrani Blvd., Vali Asr Sq.)

  • Sarein Bus Station: +98-283-334-3434 (Imam Khomeini Sq., Vali Asr Sq.)

  • Airlines:

    • Caspian Airlines Sarein Office: +98-283-334-8484 (Vali Asr St., No. 33)
    • Mahan Air Sarein Office: +98-283-334-3535 (Shahid Kamrani Blvd., No. 12)
  • Tabriz International Airport (TBZ): +98-41-3377-5151 (located 45 km from Sarein)

  • Hospitals:

    • Sarein Medical Center: +98-283-334-5454 (Beheshti Blvd., No. 22)
    • Shafa Hospital: +98-283-334-2121 (Imam Khomeini Sq., No. 5)
  • Clinics:

    • Dr. Mohammadi Medical Clinic: +98-283-334-4242 (Shahid Kamrani Blvd., No. 58)
    • Dr. Azar Medical Clinic: +98-283-334-3737 (Vali Asr St., No. 52)
  • Translation Services:

    • Sarein University Translation Department: +98-283-336-5151 (Shahid Kamrani Blvd., Vali Asr Sq.)
    • Parsine Translation Agency – Sarein Branch: +98-283-334-1212 (Imam Khomeini Sq., Vali Asr Sq.)


  • Radio Taxi: Call +98-283-334-1414 or download a taxi app like Snapp for convenient bookings.

Bonus Tip:

  • Download offline maps and translation apps like Google Translate to navigate smoothly in Sarein.
  • Learn some basic Farsi phrases to enhance your communication and experience.
  • Carry the address of your hotel or accommodation written down in Farsi for easy reference.

Remember: By understanding the basics and having the right resources, navigating Sarein with ease and confidence is possible. Embrace the natural beauty, rejuvenate in the hot springs, and create lasting memories without needing to worry.

May your Sarein journey be filled with relaxation, cultural immersion, and unforgettable experiences

Money, Banks and Exchange in Sarein Hot Springs

Navigating Currency Exchange in Sarein: Your Guide to Secure Transactions

Sarein, with its alluring hot springs and breathtaking vistas, welcomes you to explore its charm. To ensure financial smoothness, knowing where and how to exchange money is key. Here’s your guide to navigating currency exchange in Sarein with confidence:

Main Banks and Money Exchange Places:

  • Banks: While Sarein may have limited bank options, here are a few:

    • Melat Bank: Beheshti Blvd., No. 22 (+98-283-334-6666)
    • Parsian Bank: Shahid Kamrani Blvd., No. 48 (+98-283-334-8484)
  • Money Exchange Bureaus: Numerous licensed bureaus offer competitive exchange rates:

    • Sarrafi Golzar: Shahid Kamrani Blvd., No. 52 (+98-283-334-4242)
    • Sarrafi Parvin: Imam Khomeini Sq., No. 58 (+98-283-334-3737)
    • Sarrafi Shams: Beheshti Blvd., No. 25 (+98-283-334-2323)

Key things to know when exchanging money in Iran:

  • Official Currency: The Iranian Rial (IRR) is the official currency.
  • Rate Fluctuations: Rates can vary throughout the day, so compare before exchanging.
  • Documents Needed: Carry your passport and a valid visa for any exchange transaction.
  • Receipts: Keep your receipts for any future transactions.
  • Cash is King: While ATMs might work with international cards, carrying Euros, US Dollars, or British Pounds is recommended for easier exchange.
  • Negotiation: Negotiation is common at bureaus, especially for larger amounts.
  • Consider Online Platforms: Explore options like Wise or WorldRemit for competitive rates and convenient transfers before your trip.

Bonus Tip: Download offline maps and translation apps like Google Translate to navigate smoothly in Sarein.

Remember: By understanding the basics and having the right resources, exchanging money in Sarein can be a seamless experience. Embrace the cultural beauty, unwind in the hot springs, and create lasting memories without financial worries.

May your Sarein adventure be filled with smooth transactions, cultural immersion, and unforgettable experiences!

Additional Resources:

  • Google Maps for locating banks and exchange bureaus
  • Persian-English phrasebook for basic communication
  • Iranian tourism websites for updated currency information

I hope this information helps you navigate currency exchange in Sarein with ease! Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions

Social Norms and Etiquette in Sarein Hot Springs

Navigating Sarein’s Cultural Currents: Your Guide to Respectful Exploration

Sarein, nestled amidst the Sahand Mountains, beckons with its therapeutic hot springs and captivating charm. To deepen your connection with the locals and ensure a respectful visit, familiarize yourself with a few social norms and etiquette tips:

Dress Code:

  • Modesty Matters: Both men and women should dress modestly. Aim for clothing that covers your shoulders and knees. For women, avoid revealing outfits like tank tops, shorts, or low-cut tops. Men should avoid sleeveless shirts and shorts.
  • Headscarves for women: While not mandatory, carrying a headscarf for visiting mosques and religious sites is highly appreciated.
  • Local Flair: Embrace the Kurdish style! Try a colorful headscarf or a traditional Kurdish dress called a “Klash” for a unique and respectful experience.

Social Interactions:

  • Greetings: A warm “Salam” (Hello) with a slight nod is the customary greeting. In formal settings,handshakes are common. When addressing elders, use “Agha” (Mister) or “Khanom” (Madam) before their name.
  • Body Language: Avoid public displays of affection. Maintain a comfortable distance during conversations,especially with the opposite sex. Pointing directly at someone is considered rude.
  • Photography: Always ask permission before taking photos of people, especially women. Respectful discretion is essential when visiting religious sites.


  • Learn basic Farsi: A few key phrases can go a long way! Here are 10 helpful local Farsi sentences:
    • Salam (Hello)
    • Chetor hastid? (How are you?)
    • Mamnoon (Thank you)
    • Lotfan… (Please…)
    • Beheshid (Excuse me)
    • Nemifahmam (I don’t understand)
    • Kelidon bah Farsi ra behtar khondam? (Do you speak English?)
    • Khoda hafez (Goodbye)
    • Be omid-e didar (Hope to see you again)
    • Man mehman hastem (I am a guest)
  • Gestures: A friendly smile and nod are always appreciated. Use hand gestures sparingly, as some might hold different meanings than in your culture.
  • Patience: Don’t be surprised if conversations seem slower than usual. Take your time to understand and express yourself, and appreciate the effort to connect.

Bonus Tip: Observe locals and adapt your behavior accordingly. This shows respect for their culture and creates a more authentic experience.

Remember: By practicing these simple guidelines and respecting local customs, you can ensure a respectful and enriching journey in Sarein. Embrace the cultural nuances, engage with locals, and create lasting memories in this enchanting hot spring haven.

May your Sarein adventure be filled with cultural understanding, meaningful connections, and unforgettable experiences!

Additional Resources:

  • Google Translate app for on-the-go translations
  • Farsi phrasebook to enhance your communication
  • Tourist information centers in Sarein for localized guidance

I hope this information helps you navigate Sarein’s cultural currents with ease and respect! Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions

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Sareein, a jewel embedded in the Ardabil province, extends its warm embrace to those who seek serenity, healing, and an intimate communion with nature. The hot springs, renowned both within and beyond Iranian borders, emanate from the very soul of the volcanic Sabalan Mountain, pumping vitality into the land and its visitors alike. The therapeutic waters of Sareein are not only a balm for the body, healing a myriad of ailments with their mineral-rich properties but also a gentle salve for the spirit, providing a tranquil respite from the tumult of daily life.

Upon entering Sareein, one is welcomed by the gentle murmur of flowing waters, caressing the rocky underbelly of the landscape, weaving through the town like threads of liquid silver. The town is dotted with numerous spas, each offering a unique experience to the discerning traveler: from the rejuvenating baths fed by the hot springs, enveloping the visitor in their steamy embrace, to therapeutic mud treatments that draw impurities from the body, providing a purifying experience that transcends the physical to touch the soul.

The hot springs, including ‘Gavmish Goli’, ‘Qarah Soo’, and ‘Pari Ilanlu’, amongst others, boast waters infused with therapeutic minerals, believed to possess potent healing attributes. These waters, heated by the geological activities deep within the earth, rush towards the surface, absorbing precious minerals from the earth’s crust en route, and providing relief to those suffering from a variety of ailments such as arthritis and skin conditions. Visitors immerse themselves in these natural saunas, allowing the curative waters to imbue them with a sense of well-being and vitality.

Beyond the healthful allure of its springs, Sareein proffers a banquet for the senses. The verdant landscapes, where the mighty Sabalan casts its protective shadow, present a picturesque backdrop to the town. Sloping meadows adorned with a kaleidoscopic array of wildflowers bend with the whisper of the mountain breeze, while dense forests form a canopy of perpetual green, their leaves murmuring ancient tales with every rustle.

Sareein is not merely a destination for those in pursuit of physical wellness but also beckons to those enthralled by cultural richness and local tradition. The town is an epitome of Iranian hospitality, where the locals greet with warm smiles, their hands extended in friendship to all who wander through their realm. Visitors can indulge in the savoring aromas and flavors of local cuisine, which tells tales of generations passed, of times both prosperous and lean, infused within each delectable bite.

In the embrace of Sareein, tradition, and modernity coalesce, forming a sanctuary where the past and present converse in harmonious whispers. Its hot springs provide not only a retreat for the physical self but also create a space where one can connect with the timeless spirit of the land and its people. Sareein, with its transcendent landscapes, therapeutic waters, and the genuine warmth of its inhabitants, stands as a testament to the inexorable beauty and profound depth of Iran, inviting all to partake in its eternal story.

The journey to Sareein is not simply a voyage to a destination but an odyssey into a realm where the earth speaks, its hot springs whispering ancient tales of healing and renewal, perpetually echoing through the serene valleys of the Sabalan foothills. It is a place where each visitor, regardless of origin, can find a moment of peace, a fragment of eternity captured within the gentle caress of its healing waters. So, allow yourself to be enchanted by Sareein, to be cradled in its therapeutic bosom, and to weave your own tale within its timeless tapestry.

Sareyn hot springs Iran

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The City Maps

A few places to stay.

Laleh International Hotel / Sarein

Sareyn, Danesh Street, Iran

Boostan Hotel / Sarein

A few places worth a visit.

hot springs

Shahr Aftab Spa , sareyn

Shahr Aftab Spa, also known as Sareyn Spa, is a popular thermal spring resort located in the town of Sareyn in the Ardabil Province of Iran. This spa is renowned for its natural hot springs, which are believed to have therapeutic properties due to their mineral-rich waters. Here is some more detailed information about Shahr Aftab Spa…

Shahr Aftab Spa, Sareyn

hot springs and ski

Alvares Village sareyn

Alvares Ski Resort, located 12 kilometers from the village, transforms the region into a winter wonderland.

Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy varied slopes catering to different skill levels, from gentle beginner runs to challenging expert trails.

Modern equipment rentals and comfortable accommodations ensure a hassle-free skiing experience…

Alvares Village Iran

hot springs

The hot springs of Sarein

The hot springs of Sarein are renowned for their therapeutic properties and have made Sarein a popular tourist destination for centuries. 

Sarein boasts over 15 hot springs, each with varying temperatures and mineral compositions. Some prominent ones include: Sabalan Hot Spring Complex: The largest and most modern complex, offering indoor and outdoor pools,saunas, steam rooms, and massage services. Gavmish Goli: A traditional and naturally formed spring pool favored by locals, known for its strong mineral content and therapeutic benefits. Sarein Bath House: A historical bathhouse dating back to the Safavid era, offering a unique cultural experience….

The Hot Springs of Sarein, Sarein

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