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Hôtel Jahangardi Meygoon / Téhéran

Meygoon, province de Téhéran, Iran Voir sur la carte
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The Jahangardi Meygoon Hotel (also known as the Meygoon Tourist Hotel) is a four-star hotel located in the scenic Meygoon area northeast of Tehran. It sits within the Fasham district, known for its beautiful natural surroundings and proximity to ski resorts.

Adresse et numéros de téléphone

  • Adresse : Jahangardi Hotel, Fasham, Meygoon, Tehran / Iran (It’s best to verify the exact address as some sources list the address slightly differently)
  • Numéro de téléphone : +98 21 2652 1280


The Jahangardi Meygoon Hotel offers the following amenities:

  • Chambres : Rooms with mountain views. The specifics of room types or their furnishings might need further research.
  • Restaurant : On-site restaurant(s) serving a variety of cuisines (including Persian dishes).
  • Sports Facilities: Some sources mention sports facilities, but the specifics need to be confirmed.
  • Wi-Fi : It’s that Wi-Fi is available, but this needs to be confirmed.

Se rendre sur place

  • Depuis l'aéroport international Imam Khomeini de Téhéran (IKA) : The distance is approximately 75 km (46 miles). As the hotel is located outside the main city of Tehran, a taxi, private car, or potentially a pre-arranged transfer would be the most direct ways to reach it.
  • Depuis les gares routières principales : Depending on which bus terminal you arrive at, a combination of metro and taxi might be necessary. Reaching a main metro line and then taking a taxi from the nearest station to Meygoon would be a possible route.

Cafés et restaurants à proximité

Since Meygoon is a smaller town, it’s possible the dining options are primarily within the hotel itself. However, research on local restaurants or cafes within Meygoon is advisable.

Sites touristiques

The Jahangardi Meygoon Hotel’s primary draw is its location in a picturesque area offering access to outdoor activities and natural beauty:

  • Meygoon Valley: The valley surrounding the hotel is known for hiking trails and beautiful scenery.
  • Shemshak and Darbandsar Ski Resorts: Popular ski resorts located within relative proximity to the hotel.
  • Natural Attractions: Waterfalls, rivers, and scenic mountain landscapes throughout the region.

Autres options d'hébergement

 there are smaller hotels or guesthouses in the Meygoon and Fasham area. However, due to limited online information in English, finding them might require further research. Larger luxury hotels would primarily be found within the main city of Tehran.

Remarques importantes

  • Outdoor Activities The hotel’s location makes it ideal for travelers interested in hiking, skiing (seasonal), or enjoying nature.

Let us know if you have other questions about the Jahangardi Meygoon Hotel!

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