Chiesa di San Garapet, Abadan

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کلیسای ارامنه مانوکیان، Abadan, provincia di Khuzestan, Iran
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Saint Garapet Church

Saint Garapet Church, or the Armenian Church of Abadan, is one of the historical churches of Iran, built in Abadan during the Pahlavi period. It is located at the beginning of Zand Street, next to the Behbahani Mosque.

Saint Garapet Church was built in 1336 AH, during the reign of the Pahlavi dynasty. This Gregorian church once formed the three churches of Abadan, alongside the Protestant Christopher Church of 1928 and the Assyrian Church of 1951 AD, which today no longer exist.

Garapet Church, also known as Surgarapet and Karapet, is one of the city’s symbols and is also one of the city’s attractions.

Architecture of Saint Garapet Church

Saint Garapet Church is, from an architectural point of view, a modern building made of materials such as concrete and brick. The church has a rectangular plan and its roof is covered with a large dome.

The exterior of the church features tall columns and decorative capitals. The interior of the church is decorated with paintings and religious decorations.

Visit Plan to Saint Garapet Church

  • Timing: It’s best to visit during daylight hours, preferably in the morning or late afternoon.
  • Duration: Allocate around 1-2 hours to fully appreciate the mosque’s architecture and ambiance.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: As a place of worship, ensure to dress modestly and respect local customs.

Nearby Sights in Abadan

  1. Abadan Oil Museum: Delve into the city’s rich oil industry history.
  2. Arvand Free Zone: Ideal for shopping and exploring modern developments.
  3. Karun River: Offers beautiful views and leisure activities.
  4. Abadan Refinery: A significant historical industrial site.
  5. Shadegan Pond: A serene spot for nature enthusiasts.

These locations, combined with the Rangooniha Mosque, provide a comprehensive experience of Abadan’s cultural, historical, and natural landscapes.

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کلیسای ارامنه مانوکیان، Abadan, provincia di Khuzestan, Iran


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