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Famouri House, located in the historic center of Tehran, offers a unique accommodation experience that blends traditional Persian architecture with modern amenities. It’s an excellent choice for travelers seeking a charming and culturally immersive stay.

Адрес и телефонни номера:

  • Адрес: Fakhr Alley, Former Iranshahr (South Shahreza) Ave, Tehran, Iran. This puts it close to major streets and likely within walking distance to shops and small restaurants.
  • Телефонен номер: +98 21 6670 1428


Famouri House offers the following amenities:

  • Traditional Courtyard: The central architectural feature of traditional Persian homes, offering a relaxing setting.
  • Rooms with character: Rooms are likely furnished in a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. Some may have unique features from the house’s original design.
  • Breakfast: A traditional Iranian breakfast is usually included.
  • Tea House: Some traditional houses have tea houses serving tea and snacks
  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi access is generally available throughout the house.

Getting There

  • От международното летище Imam Khomeini в Техеран (IKA): The distance is approximately 45 km. The house’s location in the older part of the city might make taking the metro and a short taxi ride a convenient option. Alternatively, taxis or ride-hailing services like Snapp or Tap30 (Iranian equivalents of Uber) are available.
  • От главните автобусни терминали: Depending on which bus terminal you arrive at, public transportation (metro or bus) might be an option. Metro stations are likely the closest points of public transport, followed by a short taxi ride to reach the specific alley.

Храна и ресторанти в близост:

Since Famouri House is located in a historic area, you’ll likely find cafes, small restaurants, and traditional eateries within walking distance.

Туристически обекти

The traditional house’s location likely provides access to several historic and culturally significant sites:

  • Дворецът Голестан: Този бивш кралски комплекс, който е част от световното наследство на ЮНЕСКО, предлага красива архитектура и исторически експонати.
  • Голям базар: Запознайте се с оживения традиционен пазар на Техеран, изпълнен с магазини и местен колорит.
  • Национален музей на Иран: Запознайте се с богатата история на Иран чрез археологически артефакти и експонати.
  • Masoudieh Mansion: A beautiful historical mansion with traditional architecture and gardens.

Други опции за настаняване

Tehran offers a wide range of accommodation options. While proximity to Famouri House depends on the specific location of other hotels, here are some general types:

  • Евтини хотели: Tehran has many traditional hotels offering basic amenities and affordable rates.
  • Луксозни хотели: Ако търсите по-луксозни предложения, в Техеран има няколко 4- и 5-звездни хотела.
  • Other Traditional Houses: Tehran might have other traditional homes converted into boutique hotels, offering similar experiences to Famouri House.

Important Notes

  • It’s highly recommended to contact us directly to confirm their amenities, rates, and availability before booking.

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