A Soulful Journey through Iran: Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan in 6 Days.

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Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran
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6 Days

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  • The treasures of Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan—encompassing realms of rulers, poets, and spiritual seekers—beckon you to immerse yourself in tales penned by history, whispered through the wind that rustles through ancient ruins, and echoed in the prayers whispered in sacred spaces. An intertwining path of the modern and the ancient, the earthly and the spiritual, await to weave a rich narrative of an enchanting journey through the heart of Iran.


  • In our tour packages, several common included services are typically provided to enhance the overall experience and convenience for travelers. These services can vary depending on the type and price of the tour, but here are some common inclusions:
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An Enchanting Journey through the Soul of Iran: Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan*

Embark on a 6-day exploration of the timeless allure of Iran, weaving through its rich tapestry of history, culture, and spiritual diversity. Our journey spans across Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan, unveiling an ensemble of significant religious sites, marvelous architecture, and enchanting culinary adventures that resonate with the Islamic, Jewish, Christian, Zoroastrian, and Sufi traditions of this magnificent land.


Tehran, the dynamic capital of Iran, nestles between the Alborz mountains and the vast desert, offering a unique blend of modern vigor and ancient Persian culture. This city is a tangible contradiction where tradition and modernity coexist harmoniously, and where architectural jewels from various eras sparkle under the Middle Eastern sun.


Begin your day with a delightful breakfast at “Moslem Restaurant”, famed for its hearty Halim. Afterwards, dive into Tehran’s rich history by exploring the Golestan Palace, an opulent masterpiece representing the peak of Qajar-era architecture.


Embark on a journey through religious diversity at the Saint Sarkis Cathedral, an Armenian Apostolic church, and then visit the Tehran Synagogue, shedding light on the vibrant Jewish community in Iran.


For dinner, enchant your palate at “Divaar”, celebrated for its flavorful traditional Iranian dishes. The day culminates with a night visit to the Tabiat Bridge, a modern architectural wonder providing spectacular views of the city.





Continue exploring Tehran, where every corner sings tales of bygone eras while proudly parading its progression. Engage with the city’s rich spiritual and cultural diversity, exploring sites and tastes that have quietly coexisted for centuries.



Enjoy breakfast at “Cafe Tehroon”, a charming spot in the heart of the city. Next, delve into Zoroastrianism at the Fire Temple of Tehran, witnessing the eternal flame symbolizing Ahura Mazda.



Discover Islamic art at the splendid Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, and marvel at the vibrant carpets in the Carpet Museum of Iran.



Experience dinner at “Gilaneh”, serving a diverse array of Persian cuisines. Wrap up your day with a stroll through Darband Valley, absorbing the serene sounds and sights under a starlit sky.




Shiraz, synonymous with poetry, wine, and gardens, cradles tales of love, mysticism, and rebellion. It’s a city where the scent of oranges blossoms perpetually wafts through the air, whispering stories of poets, scholars, and kings.



Begin with a breakfast at “Cafe Ferdowsi”, and then explore the Arg of Karim Khan, a fortress inviting you to step back into the zenith of the Zand dynasty.



Witness religious harmony at the Vakil Mosque, and visit the Shah Cheragh, a stunning mausoleum where glistening mosaics tell tales of devout pilgrimages. Explore the Jewish Quarter to gain insight into the peaceful coexistence of diverse communities.



For dinner, savor the flavors of Shiraz at “Sharzeh Traditional Restaurant”. Conclude with a peaceful evening at the Eram Garden, where nature and architecture dance in an exquisite symphony.





The soul of Shiraz resonates with poetic verses and spiritual wanderings, guiding you through spaces where Rumi’s words echo in the ether and Persian tales linger in the air.



Enjoy breakfast at “Homa Hotel” before setting forth to explore Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire, which reverberates with ancient glory.


Visit the Tomb of Saadi and Hafez, immersing in the poetic and mystical spirit of Iran. Experience the Zoroastrian Sarvestan Palace, which whispers tales of Sassanian grandeur.


Dine at “Sofre Khane Sonnati Sayyah” and stroll through the Qur'an Gate, where ancient beliefs blend seamlessly into the fabric of daily life.

Isfahan, often dubbed "Half the World", unveils an architectural journey through Persia’s golden age, with Islamic, Christian, and Jewish sites enriching the city’s spiritual and cultural landscape.


Relish a breakfast at “Bastani Traditional Restaurant”, before exploring the Imam Square, where Islamic architecture blossoms in full splendor.


The Vank Cathedral in the Armenian Quarter, Jolfa, showcases the Christian heritage, while the historic Jewish Synagogue reflects the city's diverse spiritual mosaic.


Dinner at “Shahrzad Restaurant” promises a regal feast. End your day with a serene walk along the Si-o-se-pol Bridge, where reflections of history dance upon the river.


On our final day in Isfahan, the winding lanes lead us through a spiritual and artistic realm where Sufi mysticism, Islamic grandeur, and Persian artistry intertwine.


Breakfast at “Azadegan Teahouse” precedes a visit to the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, an architectural masterpiece enveloped in tranquility and mystery.



Explore the Sufi traditions at the Harun Vilayat Shrine and delve into Zoroastrian history at the Fire Temple of Isfahan.


Conclude your journey with a farewell dinner at “Naghshe Jahan Traditional Restaurant”. As night falls, wander through the bustling bazaars, where the soul of Iran lingers in the aroma of spices, the vibrant textiles, and the warm smiles of locals.



This 6-day journey, meandering through Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan, unveils the rich, spiritual, and cultural tapestry of Iran. May the tales of ancient poets, the whispers of spiritual seekers, and the delectable dance of Persian cuisine linger in your memories, crafting stories that transcend boundaries and epochs.



Frequently asked questions

Embarking on your maiden voyage to Iran? Let's unravel this tapestry of vibrant culture, ancient history, and breathtaking landscapes. This FAQ equips you with the knowledge to navigate every step, from pre-travel jitters to post-tour reminiscing.

1. Visas and Entry:

  • Americans: Navigating visas as an American requires extra planning. Apply well in advance at a designated consulate abroad (e.g., Vienna, Dubai). Visa-on-arrival is unavailable. Consider guided tours with pre-arranged visas.
  • Non-Americans: Most nationalities need pre-arranged visas. Check with your nearest Iranian embassy or consulate for specific requirements. Visa-on-arrival options exist for some, check eligibility beforehand.
  • Travel Documents: Ensure a valid passport, confirmed visa, travel insurance, and proof of return or onward travel are readily available.

2. Planning and Preparation:

  • Best Time to Visit: Spring (March-May) and Fall (September-November) offer pleasant weather. Summers are hot, winters chilly. Choose accordingly.
  • Pack Wisely: Respect local customs. Women: cover hair, arms, and legs with loose-fitting clothing. Men: avoid shorts and sleeveless shirts. Pack comfortable shoes for exploring.
  • Vaccinations: Consult your doctor about recommended vaccinations, especially Hepatitis A & B, and Rabies if venturing outside cities.
  • Currency and Money Exchange: While ATMs dispense Rials, Euros and USD are easier to exchange. Carry cash for smaller transactions. Consider a Mah Card for easier access to local funds.
  • Communication and Technology: Download offline maps and translation apps. Local SIM cards are readily available, but inform your network provider beforehand.

3. Cultural Considerations:

  • Language: Basic Farsi phrases like "Salam" (hello) and "Mamnoon" (thank you) are appreciated. English is understood in tourist areas.
  • Customs and Etiquette: Public displays of affection are frowned upon. Pointing with your index finger is considered rude. Learn polite refusal gestures.
  • Local Interactions: Iranians are known for hospitality. Strike up conversations, learn about their culture, and show respect for their traditions.

4. Solo Travel:

  • Safety: Iran is generally safe for solo travelers, but vigilance and common sense are essential. Inform your hotel/lodge staff and guide when exploring independently.
  • Accommodation: Choose well-rated hostels or guesthouses located in central areas. Consider joining group tours for specific activities.
  • Cultural Interactions: Strike up conversations with locals at teahouses or markets. Embrace the opportunity to experience solo travel in a welcoming culture.

1. Itinerary and Activities:

  • Review details: Thoroughly review your tour itinerary with your operator. Ask about transportation, entrance fees, meals, and optional activities.
  • Customization: Discuss preferences with your guide or tour operator beforehand. Some flexibility might be possible.
  • Pace: Be prepared for a mix of guided sightseeing, free time, and cultural experiences. Discuss your preferred pace with your guide.

2. Sightseeing and Experiences:

  • Must-see landmarks:
    • Tehran: Golestan Palace, Azadi Tower, Grand Bazaar.
    • Qom: Hazrat Masumeh Shrine, Jame Mosque.
    • Kashan: Fin Garden, Tabatabaei House, Agha Bozorg Mosque.
    • Isfahan: Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Jameh Mosque.
  • Off-the-beaten-path: Explore Darband neighborhood in Tehran, wander through traditional bazaars, visit teahouses, or take a day trip to Persepolis or Qasran-e Dasht.
  • Cultural Activities: Attend a traditional tea ceremony, visit a carpet weaving workshop, watch a live naqqali (storytelling) performance, or enjoy a home-cooked Persian meal.

3. Safety and Security:

  • General Safety: Tehran and these cities boast low crime rates and are generally safe for tourists. Use common sense precautions and stay vigilant in crowds.
  • Guides: A guide is highly recommended, especially for navigating cultural nuances and hidden gems. They can handle permits, logistics, and offer valuable insights.
  • Emergencies: Familiarize yourself with local emergency numbers. Your tour operator should also provide assistance if needed.

1. Returning Home:

  • Visa Extensions: If you wish to extend your stay, discuss with your guide or tour operator before departure.
  • Souvenirs and Customs: Check baggage allowances and restrictions on prohibited items like carpets and saffron.
  • Share Your Experience: Spread the word! Tell your friends and family about your

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Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran


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