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Eram Grand Hotel / Tehran

Tehran Province, Tehran, Bozorgrah-e-Haqqani، Eram Grand Hotel, Iran View on map
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The Bolour Hotel is a two-star hotel located in the heart of Tehran. Its central location makes it convenient for travelers interested in exploring the city’s downtown area, particularly attractions near the Grand Bazaar.

Address and Phone Numbers

  • Address: 201 Qarani Street, Tehran, Iran
  • Phone Number: +98 21 2226 6644


The Bolour Hotel offers the following amenities:

  • Rooms: Simple rooms with basic furnishings. The specific facilities offered within rooms should be confirmed directly with the hotel.
  • Restaurants: On-site restaurants serving breakfast and likely other meals.
  • Rooftop Restaurant: The hotel features a rooftop restaurant offering city views.

Getting There

  • From Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA): The distance is approximately 45 km. Taxis, ride-hailing services (like Snapp or Tap30), or a combination of metro and taxi offer convenient transportation options.
  • From Main Bus Terminals: Depending on the specific bus terminal, utilizing a combination of the metro and taxi could be the most efficient route. Panzdah-e-Khordad metro station is within relative proximity to the hotel.

Nearby Cafes and Restaurants

The Bolour Hotel’s location near the Grand Bazaar area provides access to numerous local eateries and cafes within walking distance. Exploring the surrounding streets will reveal a variety of options.

Tourist Sites

The hotel’s central location puts guests within walking distance or a short taxi ride from several significant attractions:

  • Grand Bazaar: A historic market complex offering a vibrant shopping experience and a glimpse into traditional Iranian commerce.
  • Golestan Palace: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this former royal complex boasts beautiful architecture and historical exhibits.
  • Treasury of National Jewels: See a dazzling collection of jewels and precious stones.
  • National Museum of Iran: Explore Iran’s rich history through archaeological artifacts and exhibits.

Other Accommodation Options

Tehran offers a wide range of accommodation options catering to different budgets. While proximity to the Bolour Hotel depends on their specific locations, here’s a general overview:

  • Other Budget Hotels: You’ll find similar traditional hotels with basic but comfortable amenities at more affordable rates nearby the bazaar area.
  • Luxury Hotels: Tehran has several four-star and five-star hotels offering upscale amenities.
  • Boutique Hotels: A growing number of characterful boutique hotels with a focus on style and unique experiences are available.

Important Notes

  • Central Location: The Bolour Hotel’s primary advantage is its location within walking distance of the Grand Bazaar and other central attractions.
  • Basic Amenities: This hotel likely offers simple, no-frills accommodation catering to budget-conscious travelers.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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