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Toranj Matin Apartment Hotel / Ramsar

Province de Mazandaran, Ramsar, Bahonar Boulevard, Toranj Matin Apartment Hotel, Iran Voir sur la carte
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Toranj Matin Apartment Hotel, located in the picturesque city of Ramsar, Mazandaran province, Iran, offers a tranquil and comfortable stay amidst the natural beauty of the northern Iranian coastline. This modern apartment hotel, established in 1396 (Islamic calendar year, corresponding to 2017/2018 in the Gregorian calendar), has been serving guests with a blend of traditional hospitality and contemporary amenities.

Address and Contact Information:

  • Province: Mazandaran
  • City: Ramsar
  • Contact Number: +9821 74495

Pour s'y rendre :

  • From Downtown Ramsar: Toranj Matin Apartment Hotel is accessible via the main roads that traverse through the lush landscapes of Ramsar. The exact route depends on the starting point within the city. Generally, navigating through Ramsar’s streets, one can follow signs towards the hotel or use a GPS-enabled device for precise directions.
  • From Ramsar Airport: The hotel is reachable by a taxi or rental car, with travel times varying based on traffic conditions. Typically, it’s a straightforward route from the airport to the hotel.
  • From Ramsar’s Main City Bus Terminal: Similarly, guests can hire a taxi or use public transportation, if available, to reach the hotel. The distance from the bus terminal to the hotel can be covered in a relatively short time frame, offering a glimpse of Ramsar’s natural and urban scenery along the way.

Accommodation and Amenities: Toranj Matin Apartment Hotel boasts 25 well-appointed rooms with a total bed capacity of 116, catering to the diverse needs of its guests. The hotel offers a variety of room types, including:

  • One Bedroom Apartment for 2 Guests
  • Two Bedroom Apartment for 4 Guests
  • Apartment with 3 Bedrooms for 6 Guests

Each apartment is equipped with modern conveniences such as high-speed Internet, coffee maker, hair dryer, LCD TV, kitchen in-suite, cooking utensils, laundry facilities, mini-bar, and microwave, ensuring a comfortable and self-sufficient stay. The hotel also features a restaurant, coffee shop, and elevator access.

Touristy Sites Within 3 Kilometers: Given the limited information on the hotel’s exact location and nearby attractions, guests staying at Toranj Matin Apartment Hotel are encouraged to explore Ramsar’s renowned natural and historical sites, including:

  • Ramsar’s Caspian Sea beaches, offering serene views and recreational activities.
  • The Ramsar Palace and Cultural Heritage Complex, a testament to the region’s royal history and architectural grandeur.
  • Local markets and parks that showcase the vibrant culture and natural beauty of Ramsar.

For those planning to visit Ramsar and stay at Toranj Matin Apartment Hotel, it is recommended to explore local guides and maps to discover the multitude of attractions within and around the city, ensuring a memorable travel experience enriched with natural landscapes and cultural heritage.

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