Pars Museum, Shiraz

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Introduction to Pars Museum in Shiraz

Pars Museum, a jewel nestled in the heart of Shiraz, Iran, stands as a testament to the city’s rich cultural and historical tapestry. Housed within the Nazar Garden, a quintessential example of Persian garden design, the museum is an emblem of the region’s architectural elegance. Constructed during the Zand dynasty in the late 18th century, the octagonal building is adorned with exquisite tilework and paintings, capturing the essence of Persian artistry. The museum’s collection, though modest in size, is significant in its representation of Iran’s diverse history. It includes a range of artifacts from different periods, including pottery, coins, and calligraphy, alongside personal items of historical figures like Karim Khan Zand. The Pars Museum is not just a repository of artifacts; it’s a gateway into the soul of Shiraz, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the depths of Persian history and culture.

Half-Day Trip Plan to Pars Museum


  • Start your day with a traditional Persian breakfast at a local café in downtown Shiraz.
  • Hire a taxi to Pars Museum, enjoying a scenic drive through the city’s vibrant streets.

At Pars Museum:

  • Begin your visit by exploring the Nazar Garden, appreciating its symmetrical layout and tranquil ambiance.
  • Enter the museum, taking time to admire the intricate tilework and paintings that adorn the building.
  • Explore the museum’s collections, which include historical artifacts, personal items of Karim Khan Zand, and examples of Persian calligraphy and art.


  • Conclude your visit with a stroll around the garden, perhaps enjoying a light snack or tea at a nearby café.
  • Take a taxi back to downtown Shiraz, reflecting on the rich history and culture experienced at the museum.

Entrance Fee and Taxi Costs

The entrance fee to Pars Museum is typically nominal, offering affordable access to this cultural treasure. However, it’s advisable to check the latest fees as they can vary seasonally. A taxi ride from downtown Shiraz to Pars Museum is both convenient and reasonably priced. Depending on the time of day and traffic conditions, the cost can vary, but it generally remains budget-friendly, offering a hassle-free mode of transport to one of Shiraz’s most iconic landmarks.

Notable Books on Pars Museum

While literature specifically focusing on Pars Museum in languages other than Farsi might be limited, there are several notable books on Persian art and history that include references to the museum and its collections. These books often provide broader insights into Iran’s cultural heritage and context for the artifacts displayed in the museum.

Nearby Attractions

Shiraz is replete with historical and cultural sites, many within a few kilometers of Pars Museum, making it easy to explore more of the city’s treasures in a single day:

  • Vakil Bazaar: A short distance from the museum, this traditional bazaar is perfect for experiencing local crafts and the bustling atmosphere of Shiraz.
  • Nasir al-Mulk Mosque: Known as the Pink Mosque, it’s famed for its stunning stained glass and is a short taxi ride away.
  • Eram Garden: Another exemplary Persian garden, it offers a serene environment and is located within a few kilometers of the museum.
  • Shah Cheragh Shrine: A major pilgrimage site, this shrine is known for its dazzling mirror work and spiritual ambiance, located nearby.

These locations, together with Pars Museum, create a tapestry of experiences that showcase the depth and diversity of Shiraz’s cultural heritage.

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