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Omid Hotel, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
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Decent hotel near the main campus of the University of Tehran
First of all, the location of this hotel is excellent. The main campus of the University of Tehran is literally at the end of the block, the actual entrance perhaps 50m to the right from the intersection.
The hotel is a few meters from Kolgar Street, which is full of shops and restaurants of all types. There is an excellent very modern coffee shop which serves lattes, Turkish coffees, etc., just up on Kolgar Street, about 30 meters down to the left from the intersection. Look for the neon coffee cup.

The hotel. The front desk was fine. Basic English is spoken by the younger lads who work there.
Rooms were clean and came with fridge, flat screen TV and an excellent air conditioner. There is free wifi with a decent signal throughout the hotel. Get the password from the desk. if you cannot connect, the desk is happy to set up your device. Western toilets, though paper should go in the bin. As Iran is dry, the toilets use a minimum water. As such, it is sometimes necessary to add a bit of water with the “hose” to flush. These minimum water use toilets are everywhere, so get used to it.
The breakfast is served downstairs in the basement. I assume the elevator goes down there but we never used it. Breakfast was very basic. Bread, tea, instant Nescafe 3 in 1 packets, overcooked eggs in the steamer (although I believe they would happily prepare a fresh one for you!), various types of bread, melon, dates, tomato and cucumber slices, etc. There is an excellent modern coffee shop nearby (30 meters to the left on Kolgar street) but I think it opens too late for breakfast.
The main square in the area is Enghelab Square. Go out the door and turn left. The intersection is Kolgar street. Turn left on Kolgar – you can see the square in the distance – it has a large blue top to a globe thing in the middle of the square. Before you come to that, you will see all the taxis on your side of the road.
Remember that some of these taxis only travel between the main squares of the city. Look for square near where you want to visit and then look for a taxi driver who is going there. The price is fixed and you will find it on a sticker on the inside passenger-side windshield, up in the top right corner. These taxis are very cheap. The taxi driver doesn’t leave until every seat of the taxi is full.

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Air Conditioning
Airport Transport
Flat Tv
Internet – Wifi
Washer & Dryer


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