Embracing Tehran’s Ancient Elegance in a 2 Days Tour.

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Tehran Province, Tehran, Mokhberi Avenue, Royal palace, Iran
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2 Day

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About this tour

Highlights of Iran tour in 12 days is one of popular tours. This tour runs many times year. You can practically  join us anytime you think you can be in Iran. In this tour you can visit the main highlight of Iran. Places like Tehran royal palaces as well as a ton of other attractions in cities of Shiraz , the historical ruins of Persepolis, get lost in beauty of Naghsh jahan Square in Isfahan, get amazed with the wisdom of our ancestors that came up with  Badgirs (Wind Catcher) in Yazd and see how humans have to come in harmony with their the most harsh environments in southern deserts of central Iran like Kerman.

Day 1: Tehran

Arrival at Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA), meet your guide and transfer to the hotel. Depending on your arrival time in Tehran, daily tours will be done.

Tehran is the most modern city and the capital city of Iran. You can observe the best historical treasures of this city especially in its museums. You will meet your guide at the airport to transfer you to the hotel. After taking a short rest, you will have city day tour to visit some highlights of Tehran such as National Museum, Golestan Palace, Jewelry museum, Traditional Bazaar and Tabiat Bridge. Overnight Tehran

Notice: Jewelry museum is open to public from 14:00 to 16:30 from Saturday to Tuesday, so you can replace it with another main museum like National Museum, carpet and mirror museums in this museum city.

Day 2:Kashan

After breakfast, Drive to Kashan. In kashan, you can see best historical site and amazing  Iranian architecture forms. To visit Tabatabaie and Borujerdi HousesSultan Ahmad Bathhouse and Fin Garden. Overnight Kashan (you can stay in one of amazing Boutique hotel of this City).

Day 3 : Abyaneh_Isfahan

Drive to Isfahan, on the way has stop to visit Abyaneh village. It is a beautiful village in which people are still living the way they used to live 2500 years ago with its red stair house and you will be attracted to their clothing to the extent that you can’t resist trying them on or taking them as souvenirs. Men wear long loose black pants with long coats, and women wear flowery loose shirts and crimp skirts with colorful scarves. You can take amazing photos there. Then keep going to Isfahan. After rest have half city day tour to visit Vank Cathedral in Julfa, located in Armenian quarter in Isfahan with beautiful shop stores and cozy coffee shop, for sure you should taste Armenian coffee of this place and also you can visit Isfahan music museum in Jolfa. At night you can go walking in the streets and beside Zayandeh-roud River and visit the ancient bridges, overnight Isfahan.

Day 4: Isfahan

Full-day city tour of Isfahan, one of the largest cities in the world with many beautiful boulevards, covered bridges, palaces, mosques, minarets and monuments. Naghsh-e Jahan Square is a famous attraction of this city that has been registered by UNESCO as outstanding example of Iranian and Islamic architecture. Isfahan also has a wide variety of historic monuments and is known for the paintings, history and architecture. Start your full-day city tour with visiting Naghsh-e-Jahan Complex (A’li Qapu palaces, Sheikh Lotfollah, Imam Mosques and Bazaar) then to visit Hasht Behesht and Chehel Sotoun. Do not forget to taste some local foods and sweets of Isfahan like Beryani and Gaz, overnight Isfahan.

Day5: Mesr Desert

Drive to Mesr Desert. On the way have short stop in Naein to visit some attractions like Jame mosque and Traditional underground Workshop of weaving cotton. Overnight stay in Beautiful Bali Hotel in Mesr Desert

Day 6: Yazd

After breakfast to visit Mesr desert and take photo. Then keep moving towards Yazd. Before check in hotel to visit Dowlat Abad Garden and Amir Chakhmaq. Overnight Yazd

Day 7 : Zein_o_din Caravanserai

In the morning to visit Jam mosque, Old part of Yazd city, Water Museum and Zoroastrian Fire Temple. Then drive to amazing Zein_o_din Caravanserai and night stay there.

Day 8 : Kerman_Mahan

After Breakfast, drive to Kerman to visit Ganjali Khan Bath and Bazaar and also Jame Mosque. Then move towards Mahan. Overnight stay in beautiful Motevali Bashi traditional Hotel

Day 9 : Shahdad Desert_ Shiraz

Start your city day tour in the early morning to visit Shazdeh Mahan Garden, then drive to Shahdad Desert to visit this amazing place. After short stop then drive to Shiraz. Overnight Shiraz

Day 10 : Shiraz

Full city day tour in Beautiful Shiraz that is city lovers to visit Nasir Al_Molk MosqueZandiyeh complex that includes Vakil Mosque, Bath, Citadel and traditional Bazaar. In the Evening to visit Eram GardenTomb of Hafez and Ali_e_bne Hamzeh Holy Shrine. Overnight Shiraz

Day 11 : Shiraz

After Breakfast drive to Marvdasht that is located 60 km. from Shiraz to visit amazing Persepolis and Naghsh_e_Rostam. In the night we have special gift for you. In the night have a family dinner with Iranian family in their House  Overnight Shiraz

Day 12 : Shiraz

Flight to Tehran from Shiraz. .( You can stay in Ibis Hotel in Imam Khomeini Airport before departure time.)


  • In the Heart of Persia: A Tale of Tehran's Elegance
  • Nestled amidst the cradle of Persia's timeless grandeur, where the whispers of history echo through the labyrinthine streets, Tehran beckons to the intrepid traveler. This two-day sojourn is a journey through the annals of a city that defies the constraints of time, where ancient palaces and bazaars coalesce with modern marvels, painting an exquisite portrait of contrasts and continuity.
  • As the first light of dawn caresses the city's skyline, we embark upon a poetic odyssey, guided by the hand of Tehran's past and present. With a palette of prose and poetry, we shall unearth the treasures hidden within the city's embrace, sip from the cup of Persian culture, and dine on the finest offerings of this gastronomic wonderland.
  • Day by day, we shall unravel the stories of Tehran, each destination a chapter in this tale of elegance. From the opulent chambers of Golestan Palace to the bustling alleys of the Grand Bazaar, from the towering heights of Milad Tower to the tranquil retreat of Sa'dabad Palace, we shall traverse through the essence of a city where history's echoes intertwine with the pulse of a modern metropolis.
  • In the evenings, we shall pause to reflect upon the day's discoveries, sipping saffron-infused tea under a blanket of stars, a poetic interlude before we savor the finest of Persian cuisines, a gastronomic symphony that resonates with the soul.
  • With each step, Tehran shall unveil its secrets, inviting us to delve deeper into its tapestry of culture and heritage. Join us, dear traveler, as we embark upon a transcendental journey through Tehran's highlights, a testament to the enduring elegance of Persia's radiant heart.


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Tours end around 5 to 6 pm. We will take you back to your hotel or private residence or even airport if you are heading out.

We can pick you up as early as 7 am at your hotel or residence. We are open to even pick you up at Airport if that is what you prefer.

Of course. If you one just let us know.

No age limit.

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Tehran Province, Tehran, Mokhberi Avenue, Royal palace, Iran


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