Ghavam Hotel, Shiraz

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Ghavam Hotel, located in the vibrant heart of Shiraz, offers travelers a unique blend of traditional hospitality and modern comforts. This one-star hotel, situated within easy reach of the city’s most celebrated attractions, serves as an ideal base for exploring the rich cultural tapestry of Shiraz.

Adres: Afrasiabi Alley, between Hijrat Bridge and Ali ibn Al-Hamze, Saheli Sharghi Street, Shiraz, Iran.


  • Phone number: +989174257008
  • Getting from Downtown Shiraz: It is 5.6 km away and should take approximately 8 minutes to get to by car. You can see the directions Burada.


Getting to Ghavam Hotel from Downtown Shiraz: The hotel’s central location makes it conveniently accessible from downtown Shiraz. Visitors can opt for a short taxi ride, which is a common and efficient way to navigate the city. Alternatively, for those preferring public transport or walking, the journey provides a wonderful opportunity to experience the local atmosphere and sights along the way. Exact directions would depend on your starting point within downtown Shiraz.

Nearby Touristy Sites Within 3 Kilometers:

  • Nasir al-Mulk Camii: Renowned for its stunning stained glass, this mosque is a must-visit, approximately 26 minutes away on foot.
  • Karim Khan Citadel & Vakil Bazaar: Just a 13-minute walk, offering a glimpse into Iran’s rich history and vibrant market life.
  • Vakil Mosque & Historical Bath: Also 13 minutes by foot, showcasing traditional Persian architecture and cultural heritage.
  • Pars Museum: A short 12-minute stroll to this museum reveals artifacts and exhibits detailing the region’s history.
  • Narenjestan Ghavam (Qavam House): About 26 minutes walking distance, known for its beautiful gardens and historic architecture.

Hotel Overview: Ghavam Hotel features six floors with a total of 24 rooms and suites, each equipped with essential amenities designed for comfort and convenience. The accommodation options range from single rooms suitable for solo travelers to double suites for those seeking more spacious lodgings.

Amenities Offered:

  • Kahvaltı: Start your day with a complimentary breakfast, featuring a variety of local and international options.
  • İnternet: Stay connected with free Wi-Fi access throughout your stay.
  • Otopark: Guests arriving by car can take advantage of the hotel’s parking facilities.
  • Laundry: For your convenience, laundry services are available.
  • Restoran: Enjoy a selection of meals and snacks at the hotel’s on-site restaurant.

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