Diving, Scuba and Snorkeling, Chabahar, Iran

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Chabahar Diving Cottage, Chah Bahar, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran
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Diving and Scuba Delights in Chabahar, Iran

Chabahar, nestled on the Makran Coast of Iran, is slowly becoming a haven for divers seeking unique underwater experiences. With its coral reefs, diverse marine life, and fascinating shipwrecks, it offers something for both novices and seasoned divers. Here are some popular diving and scuba places and schools you can consider:

Diving Sites:

  • Lipari Reef: One of the most popular sites, boasting rich coral formations, colorful fish, and an exciting swim-through channel.

  • Turtles Paradise: As the name suggests, this site offers frequent encounters with green sea turtles, along with colorful fish and vibrant coral gardens.

  • Manta City: A thrilling adventure awaits experienced divers at this deep cleaning station, where majestic manta rays glide gracefully.

  • Portuguese Wreck: Explore the remains of a 17th-century Portuguese ship teeming with marine life, offering a glimpse into history.

  • Dive Site X: Known for its diverse coral formations, this site is perfect for macro photography and spotting shy critters.

Scuba Diving Schools:

  • Chabahar Diving Club: A well-established school offering PADI and SSI certifications, guided dives, and equipment rentals.

  • Ocean Addicts: Known for their friendly instructors and personalized approach, they offer beginner and advanced courses, snorkeling trips, and dive safaris.

  • Blue Pearl Diving: Focused on sustainable diving practices, they offer eco-friendly tours, conservation initiatives, and educational programs alongside diving courses.

  • Deep Blue Divers: Offering a range of PADI and SSI certifications, technical diving courses, and exciting wreck dives, Deep Blue caters to various experience levels.


Tips for Choosing:

  • Experience level: Choose a school that aligns with your diving experience and desired certifications.
  • Safety record: Prioritize schools with a strong safety record and qualified instructors.
  • Equipment and facilities: Check if the school provides equipment rentals and has adequate facilities for changing and storing gear.
  • Environmental commitment: Choose a school that promotes sustainable diving practices and respects the marine environment.
  • Reviews and recommendations: Read online reviews and ask local divers for recommendations to find the best fit for you.

Beyond Diving:

Chabahar offers more than just stunning underwater treasures. Explore the historical wonders of the Lipar Fortress, marvel at the unique mud houses of Tishkan, or immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of the Chabahar Traditional Bazaar.


  • Obtain necessary diving permits from the Iranian Maritime Organization.
  • Respect local customs and dress modestly outside the diving centers.
  • Be an environmentally responsible diver and avoid touching or disturbing marine life.

With its pristine waters, diverse marine life, and friendly locals, Chabahar promises an unforgettable diving experience. Choose your diving school wisely, follow these tips, and prepare to be captivated by the wonders of the Makran Coas

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Chabahar Diving Cottage, Chah Bahar, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran


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