Maranjab Desert, Kashan

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Maranjab Desert, Iran
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Maranjab Desert: Enchanting Sands and Serene Beauty

Nestled in the heart of Iran, Maranjab Desert captivates with its rolling sand dunes, shimmering salt lakes, and unique desert vegetation. It’s a haven for nature lovers, adventurers, and photographers seeking a taste of Iran’s breathtaking landscapes. Here’s a detailed guide to help you plan your Maranjab adventure:

Landscape and Highlights:

  • Sand Dunes: Rolling waves of golden sand beckon for exploration. Climb to the top for panoramic views or conquer them on a thrilling sandboarding adventure.

  • Salt Lakes: Maranjab boasts several salt lakes, including the mesmerizing Howz-e Sultan, reflecting the sky like a shimmering mirror. Witness the unique salt formations and marvel at the stark beauty of this natural phenomenon.

  • Wildlife: Keep your eyes peeled for desert creatures like lizards, snakes, and even the majestic eagles soaring across the vast sky.

  • Chehel Cheshmeh National Park: Bordering the desert, this protected area offers lush vegetation, scenic waterfalls, and diverse wildlife. Explore its trails for a contrasting natural experience.

Things to Do:

  • Camping: Immerse yourself in the desert atmosphere by camping under the mesmerizing starry sky. Enjoy campfires, stargazing, and the serenity of the night.
  • Camel treks: Experience the traditional mode of desert travel on a camel trek. Navigate the golden sands and feel the rhythm of the desert beneath you.
  • 4×4 desert drives: For a thrilling adventure, embark on a 4×4 drive through the sand dunes. Conquer challenging terrains and enjoy adrenaline-pumping rides.
  • Dune photography: Capture the breathtaking beauty of the desert in stunning photographs. The changing light plays on the sand and salt lakes, creating mesmerizing visuals.
  • Visit Shah Abbasi Caravanserai: Step back in time at this historical caravanserai, once a resting point for merchants on the Silk Road. Explore its architecture and imagine the stories it holds.

Getting There:

The Maranjab Desert is located in the Aran & Bidgol County of Isfahan Province, approximately 60 km northeast of Kashan.

  • By car: The easiest way to reach the desert is by car. Drive from Kashan towards Aran & Bidgol and follow signs for the desert entrance.
  • By taxi/bus: Taxis and buses from Kashan can take you to Aran & Bidgol. From there, you can hire local transportation to the desert entrance.


  • Campsites: Several campsites offer basic facilities and tents for a rustic desert experience.
  • Traditional guesthouses: Local guesthouses in nearby villages provide a more comfortable option with meals and traditional hospitality.
  • Hotels: For luxury and amenities, choose hotels in Kashan and make day trips to the desert.

Essential Tips:

  • Best time to visit: Spring and autumn offer pleasant temperatures. Avoid summers (extremely hot) and winters (chilly nights).
  • Pack properly: Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, comfortable shoes, water, and snacks. Dress modestly,especially if visiting villages.
  • Respect the environment: Leave no trace and avoid littering.
  • Hire local guides: Consider hiring experienced guides for desert activities, especially camel treks or challenging areas.
  • Enjoy the local culture: Interact with locals, learn basic Farsi phrases, and try their delicious desert delicacies.

Maranjab Desert offers a unique blend of natural beauty, adventure, and cultural charm. Its golden sands, serene salt lakes, and starry skies await travelers seeking an escape from the ordinary. So, pack your bags, embrace the desert spirit, and prepare to be captivated by the magic of Maranjab!

Bonus Tip: Combine your Maranjab Desert trip with a visit to the vibrant city of Kashan, known for its stunning historical architecture and traditional handicrafts.

Enjoy your Maranjab adventure

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Maranjab Desert, Iran


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