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How do I sign up?

Easy. Just let send us a quick message. Tell us about yourself, your interests and we will have set up a quick training program to start with and more educational training as you progress in this field.​

How do I get better at what I do?

Learning and interaction is best way to get better at what you like to do, what we all like to do, which is to show Iran to every and anybody that is interested to get to know it. We will set you up with individual and group tours based on their needs and your interest. You will learn lot and of course help a lot in the process.​

What certificates and documentations do I need?

No much, just your willingness and desire to be local expert and go through our program.​

How do I improve my skills?

Practice makes perfect. Your attitude and willingness to help. Your engagement and curiosity. And of course we have classes that will help you with improving your knowledge of the area your want to be a local expert at. And we also provide language training aside from what you already know and what you learn during the process. And all of this for free on our end.​

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