Iran, The Land of Mystery and Natural Beauty

Iran Is generally speaking divide din two four regions of north, south, east and western Iran but within each region you see variety of sublimates and cultural microcosms. In North we have the Caspian Sea region which is lush and forests, in the center and south we have dry climate. in the east as we get closer to Afghanistan it gets really dry but the Western Iran is pretty mellow. Mountains and river and a four season climate. 

In south we have the Persian Gulf with its warm climate.

The centers of population like Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Tabriz or Mashhad are deeply reflection of their climate and ethnic sub groups that have lived together fore millennias. You will get to see an interesting mix of cultures and people plus the environments that has shaped them and vive cheers. Each region has its own beauty. You are going to see a lot of it throughout this vast landscape.  

Frequently asked questions

Of course. We are here for that very same purpose. Depending on your focus , the general trail plan you have, season and budget we can help you come up with a nice travel plan that hits all places you want to see in the most efficient and easy way. Just email us and ask for a free one-on-one consultation or send us an email with any question you may have.

Depending on how long you like to stay and your other travel plans we can help you with tourist visa, transit visa, business visa...etc options that will allow you to stay in Iran anywhere from one day to 90 days at a time. For more information visit our visa application page or email us.

Iran is a big country with lots of micro climates. Often the south, center, south west and most of eastern part of country is in a dry climate pattern with low rainfall, warm to hot summers and cold to chilly winter and fall. The northern part of Iran is more green with more rain, the western parts is more moderately green mountainous with more frequent snow and rain in winter and spring seasons. All in all Iran is a dry country. Best time to visit Iran climatewise is during Spring which is march to May and the Fall which is September to November. That is when temperatures are moderate and weather predictable. Summers can get hot depending where you want to visit and winters are chilly to cold.

Cellphone coverage is pretty good in urban and rural areas. 3 and 4 G networks are the standard. Your cell phone should work in Iran if it's a GSM based phone and you can get temporary phone cards in Iran with internet data included. The WiFi is available at am sot every hotel, hotel, restaurants and such. That said Iran has a strict filter system to block certain contents that is deemed immoral like pornography or radical political opposition. Unfortunately certain websites such as FaceBook and Instagram are still hard to access except when you use a VPN. There are free and paint VPN apps you can use to circumnavigate these informational rough waters!

There are lots of options anywhere you go. That ranges from fancy 5 starts all the way to guesthouses with shared bed and bathroom. Basically you have plenty options based on your needs and budget. You can look up hotels online and get in touch with them for direct booking or else you can have us to do that for you. There is often a discount that we can offer that would make your hotel reservation cheaper and most of all straightforward than if you were to do it directly. But as a general rule you can go either way. Please let us know if we can be of any help.

Guided tours are often a good solution for first time visitors to Iran. It basically takes away the complexities of getting visa, booking hotel, getting the transportation sorted out, guides, entrance fees and travel planing. That said, Iran is pretty easy to navigate and you can easily manage a solo or independent travel in Iran all by yourself. Should you ever want to do either one, please know that we are here to help you however we can.

Most common way people come visit Iran is through arrival at Tehran or other main cities like Shiraz, Isfahan, tabriz, Kiss , Mashhad, Bandare Abbas and such airports. Depending your nationality you can apply for a tourist visa one or two days ahead of time and pick up your visa when you get to Airport. That said it seems like that try to get your visa way ahead of time might be a safer bet which we can help with. After arriving to Iran you can commute to your next destination. In Tehran you often need to take a taxi to MehrAbad airport that is for domestic flights or go to Bus stations. Either way you will find it very easy to catch a taxi. fare are only few dollars per person. Bus stations are often congregated in what we call Terminals. Tehran for examine has North, South, West and East main terminals with some slammer one here and there . Best would be to make sure you research or ask us to know which terminal might work better for you. We can get your bus ticket ahead of time, if you need. Same goes with Airline, Ferry or Train tickets. You will be finding it easy to get around while in cities. Hotels are often in city centers and most everything and places of interest are in walking distance. For farther places you always can catch a public transportation or book a taxi ahead of time. Make sure you have enough Iranian money with you for public transportation. Credit cards issues outside Iran do not seem work in Iran.

Depending where you go you will find lots of places with western style food establishments. Pizza, Burgers, Tacos and such are common place. Lots of Italian, Japanese, Indian , Mexican style restaurants are popping up here and there all the time. Coffee places are great. You can order coffee, tea and herbal mixes at most of these establishments. But most of all you may want to try Iranian style restaurants. Iranian foods are heavy on rice, meat and veggies. That said you can always ask for Vegetarian or vegan options. Alcohol is not publicly available in Iranian food establishments. Food prices are cheap, prices vary but quality is often very good.

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