A Full Journey: 15-Day Odyssey Through Iran, From Heart of Iran to the West and Kish island in Persian gulf.

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15 Days

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*A Tale Unveiled: A 15-Day Odyssey Through Iran, From Heart of Iran to the West and Kish island in Persian gulf.

In the heart of ancient Persia, where the whispers of history echo through cobblestone streets and the fragrance of saffron-infused dreams perfumes the air, a journey unfolds. It is a 15-day symphony of exploration, where the tales of empires and the verses of poets intertwine, and the soul of Iran unfurls like a Persian rug, vibrant and intricate.

With each dawn, a new chapter emerges, promising discovery and wonder. From the cosmopolitan charm of Tehran to the mystique of Mahabad, the grandeur of Kermanshah to the serenity of Ilam, our sojourn weaves through the vibrant tapestry of Iran’s cities and landscapes.

As the sun-kissed streets of Abadan beckon, and the rhythms of Ahvaz enchant, we embark on a quest to understand the soul of a nation where history, culture, and cuisine meld into an exquisite mosaic. And in the midst of it all, Kish Island welcomes us with its turquoise waters, a paradisiacal interlude in our grand narrative.

Join us on this voyage, where days are filled with the warmth of hospitality, nights are painted with the colors of Persian cuisine, and every step reveals the treasures of an enigmatic land. Together, let us create memories that shall forever linger in the heart—a tale unveiled, a journey poetic, a 15-day odyssey through Iran.


  • 15-Day Journey through Iran: A Highlight Reel
  • Day 1-3: Tehran - A Modern Mirage
  • - Golestan Palace's opulence
  • - Exploring Tehran's Jewish heritage
  • - Dining at Divan - a fusion of Persian delight
  • Day 4-6: Qazvin and Zanjan - Timeless Treasures
  • - The UNESCO-listed Chehel Sotoun
  • - Zanjan's Soltaniyeh Dome, an architectural marvel
  • - Dining at Akbari Restaurant, a taste of local cuisine
  • Day 7-9: Mahabad and Sanandaj - Embracing Kurdish Culture
  • - The enigmatic Qaleh Village
  • - Savoring Kurdish culinary traditions
  • - Exploring the Sufi Tekyeh's spiritual resonance
  • Day 10-12: Kermanshah and Ilam - Echoes of Empires
  • - The ancient Sassanid treasure, Taq-e Bostan
  • - The pre-Islamic Temple of Anahita
  • - Ilam's Assyrian Church, a window into Christian history
  • Day 13-15: Along the Banks of the Karun River
  • - Dezful's historic bridges and windmills
  • - Shush's archaeological marvels
  • - A farewell dinner in Abadan at the historic Pars Hotel
  • This 15-day journey through Iran unveils a tapestry of history, culture, and cuisine. From Tehran's modernity to the ancient treasures of Qazvin and Zanjan, the Kurdish heritage of Sanandaj, and the echoes of empires in Kermanshah and Ilam, we trace the Karun River's banks to discover the secrets of Dezful, Shush, Ahvaz, and Abadan. It's an immersive odyssey through the heart of Persia, where each day brings new adventures and unforgettable experiences.


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A 15-Day Journey through the Enchanting Realms of Iran


In the cradle of history, where the whispers of antiquity are carried by the winds across timeless landscapes, embark on a 15-day odyssey through the enchanting realms of Iran. From the bustling boulevards of Tehran to the tranquil shores of Kish Island, every step of this captivating journey unravels the tapestry of a nation where tradition and modernity harmoniously coexist.


Day 1: Tehran – Where Past and Present Converge

Morning: Begin your day at Café Tehroon, nestled amidst the bustling streets of Tehran, savoring delicate Persian pastries and fragrant teas. Then, venture to the iconic Golestan Palace, a resplendent Qajar-era gem that bears witness to the opulence of Persian royalty. Marvel at the intricate tilework, ornate halls, and lush gardens that whisper tales of bygone splendor.


Afternoon: Pause for a sumptuous lunch at Moslem Restaurant in the heart of the Grand Bazaar, renowned for its delectable Tahchin. Delve further into history at the National Museum of Iran, where millennia of Persian heritage come to life through a treasure trove of artifacts. As the day unfolds, visit the Tehran Jewish Synagogue, a testament to Iran's diverse religious tapestry, and witness the vibrant Jewish community.

Day 2: Tehran – Treasures and Traditions


Morning: Wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed tea at Naderi Café, a literary hub that has witnessed the musings of Persian poets. Venture into the atmospheric lanes of Tehran's Grand Bazaar, a sensory journey through centuries-old commerce. Allow the tales of merchants and artisans to weave a vivid tapestry as you explore the labyrinthine alleys.


Afternoon: Recharge with a traditional Persian lunch at Shahrzad Restaurant, then visit the captivating Azadi Tower, an iconic symbol of Iran's modern history and a testament to its quest for freedom. Later, delve into the mystique of pre-Islamic faith at the Tehran Zoroastrian Fire Temple, a sanctuary preserving ancient rituals in a modern metropolis.

Day 3: Qazvin – A Glimpse of Persian Royalty

Morning: Bid farewell to Tehran and embark on a journey to Qazvin, the former capital of the Safavid dynasty. Savor breakfast at Bistango Café, followed by a visit to the majestic Chehel Sotoun Palace, a Safavid masterpiece surrounded by serene gardens.


Afternoon: Enjoy lunch at Khalifeh Restaurant, a delightful Persian eatery in the heart of Qazvin. Dive into the enigmatic atmosphere of the Qazvin Bazaar, where history unfurls in the tapestry of vibrant shops and aromatic spice stalls. Conclude your day with a visit to the Jameh Mosque of Qazvin, a testament to Persian-Islamic architecture.

Day 4: Zanjan – Unveiling Hidden Treasures


Morning: Journey westward to the city of Zanjan, a place steeped in history and folklore. Start your day with breakfast at Aryo Café, then explore the cryptic wonder of the Zanjan Salt Men Museum, which houses ancient salt-preserved bodies discovered in nearby mines.


Afternoon: Savor the flavors of Zanjan at Parvin Restaurant before wandering through the city's charming bazaar, a haven for traditional crafts. Wrap up your visit with a trip to the Zanjan Rakhtshooy Khaneh (Laundry House), an extraordinary glimpse into an age-old profession.

Day 5: Mahabad – Cradle of Kurdish Culture


Morning: Depart for Mahabad, a city where the rich tapestry of Kurdish culture is on vibrant display. Begin your day at Bahar Café, sipping Kurdish tea and enjoying local pastries.


Afternoon: Delight in traditional Kurdish fare at Rojin Restaurant, then delve into the rich history of Mahabad at the Kurdish Resistance Museum, which pays tribute to the Kurdish struggle for identity and autonomy. Explore the town's bustling bazaars before retiring for the evening.

Day 6: Sanandaj – Kurdish Melodies and Mysteries


Morning: Enjoy a Kurdish breakfast at Nane Khaje Café, then venture to the Khosro Abad Mansion, a historical masterpiece showcasing Kurdish architectural prowess.


Afternoon: Relish lunch at Azadi Kebab House in the Grand Bazaar, then visit the sacred Darol Mo'menin Mosque and the Zahab Synagogue, providing a glimpse into the city's religious diversity. Wrap up the day at the enchanting Sufi Tekyeh, a meeting house resonating with spiritual energy.

Day 7: Kermanshah – Echoes of Empires Past


Morning: Depart for Kermanshah, where tales of ancient civilizations are etched into the very rock faces of the land. Begin your day at Ferdowsi Café for breakfast.


Afternoon: Feast on local dishes at Narenj Restaurant, then explore the mystical Taq-e Bostan, a series of rock reliefs from the Sassanid era. Dive into the local bazaars before visiting the Temple of Anahita, a testament to the pre-Islamic religious heritage of Iran.

Day 8: Khoramabad – The Lurish Gem


Morning: Journey to Khoramabad, nestled within the majestic Zagros Mountains. Breakfast awaits at Shekarchian Café, offering breathtaking mountain views.


Afternoon: Relish traditional Lurish cuisine at Luri House, then explore the grand Falak-ol-Aflak Castle, an imposing fortress that dominates the city's skyline. Stroll through the bustling bazaars before visiting the Brick Minaret and Khoramabad’s Assyrian Church, a testament to the city's diverse religious history.

Day 9: Ilam – Unspoiled Beauty


Morning: Travel to the serene city of Ilam, a place of unspoiled natural beauty. Breakfast is served at Ilam Café, overlooking the pristine landscapes.


Afternoon: Enjoy a local lunch at Shahin Restaurant, then explore the Ilam Historical Castle, a medieval fortress steeped in history. The serene Sarab-e Yassouj Waterfall awaits, offering a tranquil respite in nature.

Day 10: Dezful – A Riverside Paradise

Morning: Depart for Dezful, a city nestled on the banks of the Dez River. Breakfast at Boushehr Café offers scenic river views.


Afternoon: Delight in lunch at Ghada Restaurant, then explore the ancient Dezful Bridge, a marvel of ancient engineering. Discover the vibrant atmosphere of Dezful Bazaar before relaxing along the riverbanks.

Day 11: Shush – Echoes of Mesopotamia

Morning: Continue to Shush, where the echoes of Mesopotamia resound. Start your day at S

alam Café, then delve into history at the Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat, an awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Afternoon: Savor local flavors at Darya Restaurant, then explore the Haft Teppe Archaeological Site, an ancient Elamite city. The Shush Castle provides a glimpse into the city's medieval history.

Day 12: Ahvaz – The Mystique of Khuzestan

Morning: Travel to Ahvaz, the capital of Khuzestan province. Breakfast at Chai Khaneh Café allows you to savor the flavors of the region.


Afternoon: Enjoy lunch at Golkhaneh Restaurant, then explore the Karun River, where the culture and heritage of the region converge. The Shadegan Lagoon offers a serene escape, while the Nabatean Village of Susa transports you through time.

Day 13: Abadan – A Glimpse of Petrochemical Prowess

Morning: Venture to Abadan, a city intertwined with Iran's petrochemical history. Start your day with breakfast at Alborz Café.

Afternoon: Relish the flavors of Abadan at Dastan Restaurant, then explore the Abadan Oil Refinery, a testament to Iran's industrial prowess. Conclude your visit with a trip to Qajar-era Buildings, harking back to an era of opulence.

Day 14: Kish Island – A Paradise in the Persian Gulf


Morning: Bid farewell to the mainland and board a flight to Kish Island, a jewel in the Persian Gulf. Savor a seaside breakfast at Reef Café.


Afternoon: Lunch at Limo Restaurant offers a taste of island cuisine. Then, embark on a journey through the depths of the sea at the Kish Aquarium, relax on the pristine beaches, and visit the enigmatic Underground Town, a subterranean marvel.

Day 15: Kish Island – Farewell to Paradise


Morning: Conclude your journey with a leisurely morning on Kish Island. Enjoy breakfast at Sunset Café, gazing at the tranquil waters.


Afternoon: Savor a farewell lunch at Coral Restaurant, then explore the Greek Ship, a sunken relic that adds an air of mystique to the island. Reflect on your enchanting 15-day odyssey as the sun sets over the shimmering Persian Gulf.


As you conclude this 15-day odyssey, you'll carry with you the memories of ancient wonders, diverse cultures, and the warm hospitality of the Iranian people. Your journey through Iran's vibrant cities and breathtaking landscapes is a testament to the country's rich heritage and the enduring allure of its timeless beauty.



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