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Amatis Hotel / Tehran

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The Amatis Hotel is a three-star hotel located in downtown Tehran, established in 1952 as the America Hotel. It underwent renovations in 2019 to become the Amatis Hotel.

Address and Phone Numbers

  • Address: Taleghani Street, Tehran, Iran
  • Phone Number:
    +98 21 8886 3472


The Amatis Hotel offers the following amenities:

  • Rooms: Various rooms types, including single, twin, and triple rooms. Specifics on room facilities might need further research.
  • Restaurant: Sahara Persian restaurant offers traditional Persian cuisine.
  • Coffee Shop: An on-site coffee shop.
  • Summer Terrace: Provides outdoor seating.
  • Parking: Limited parking may be available.
  • Conference Hall: A space for meetings and events.
  • Laundry: Laundry services are offered.

Getting There

  • From Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA): The distance is approximately 40 km. Taxis, ride-hailing services like Snapp or Tap30 (Iranian equivalents of Uber), or a combination of metro and taxi would be the main transportation options.
  • From Main Bus Terminals: Depending on the specific bus terminal, utilizing a combination of the metro and taxi could be the most efficient route. Taleghani metro station is within short walking distance of the hotel.

Nearby Cafes and Restaurants

Taleghani Street and the surrounding area offer various cafes and restaurants. Exploring the streets nearby will reveal a range of options.

Tourist Sites

The Amatis Hotel’s location positions it within convenient reach of some of Tehran’s main attractions:

  • Enghelab Street: A major street offering bookstores, shops, and access to the University of Tehran.
  • Taleghani Metro Station: Provides easy access to explore other parts of Tehran using the metro network.
  • Artists’ Garden: A park featuring art exhibits and cultural events.
  • City Theater of Tehran: A complex offering theater performances and cultural events.

Other Accommodation Options

Tehran offers a wide range of accommodation options. While proximity to the Amatis Hotel depends on their specific locations, here’s a general overview:

  • Other Budget Hotels: You might find similar hotels with basic amenities in the surrounding area.
  • Luxury Hotels: Tehran has several four-star and five-star hotels offering upscale amenities (likely found in other parts of the city).
  • Boutique Hotels: A growing number of characterful boutique hotels with a focus on style and unique experiences might be available.

Important Notes

  • Metro Access: The hotel’s proximity to Taleghani metro station offers a convenient way to explore Tehran.
  • Historical Aspect: The Amatis Hotel has a unique history as a former American Hotel, potentially appealing to those interested in the city’s past.

Let us know if you’d like more specific information or have questions about other hotels in Tehran!

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